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China Daily Rreports on CQU-UC JOINT CO-OP INSTITUTE

CQU-UC JOINT CO-OP INSTITUTE (the Institute), as a successful example of collaborative school running between CQU and the University of Cincinnati, has achieved satisfactory school running outcomes and significant international influence. China Daily devotes the 12th edition of November 9 on the Institute titled "Bringing together classroom learning, real-world applications", as President Trump is visiting China during November 8 and 10.

Since the founding of the Institute in 2013, the institute running outcomes are becoming more and more predominant and the Institute is gaining increasing social influence, and drawing extensive attention. As such, the journalists of China Daily interviewed Vice Dean Zhang Zhiqing for nearly 3 hours at the end of October to get a deep understanding of the institute running mode, development sequence and achievements made by the Institute. After that, the journalists successively interviewed the foreign teachers from the University of Cincinnati teaching at CQU, officials of the enterprises offering internship to students and some first students of the Institute. The journalists point out that they now have new understanding of collaborative school running between China and foreign countries through the interview. The “brand new” mode integrating alternated classroom teaching and internship is completely new to them and they have benefited a lot from that.


Chongqing University has maintained long-term partnership with the University of Cincinnati. The two universities have been working together to overcome difficulties and have achieved win-win results. As reported, the two universities will celebrate the “CQU-UC JOINT CO-OP INSTITUTE Day” on August 17, to commemorate and encourage further cooperation and development between the two.