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CQU Celebrates 2018 New Year

On the evening of August 28 and 29, 2017, the 2018 New Year Party of Chongqing University is respectively held in the Theatre of Huxi Campus Student Center and Science Auditorium of Campus B of Chongqing University. The Party is themed “carrying originality and encouraging innovation”. It aims to enrich the campus life of teachers and students and consolidate the spirit of Chongqing  University. Zhang Zongyi, managing deputy secretary of CPC Chongqing University Committee, Wang Xu, deputy secretary, Meng Weidong, vice president, Liao Ruijin, vice president, Hu Xuebin, standing member of CPC Chongqing University Committee, head of the Publicity Department of CPC Chongqing University Committee, responsible person of Tang Lixin Education Development Foundation and other honored guests are all present to watch the special performance with teachers and students in the old campus. Before the Party begins, officials of CQU present teachers and students who have won Tang Lixin Education Fund with awards. Xia Zhining, assistant to the president, and managing deputy director of Huxi Campus Management Committee, attends the special performance held at Huxi Campus and delivers a speech.

The Party begins with a performance titled Stay True to the Mission combining music, poems and painting. The teachers and administrative staff members put on a wonderful performance integrating chorus and poem recitation. The dance combination named Greeting the New Era reflects with ebullient dances of Chinese ethnic groups the delight of all Chinese ethnic groups when the new era comes. The performance jointly put on by Meishi Film Academy and the School of Arts titled Chongqing University, Move Your Body with Me, which includes a b-box performance that wins repeated applause from the audience. The Hani dance Sumiyi, a local dance type of Lyuchun, Yunnan, 1,000 km away from Chongqing, is performed by natives of Lyuchun as New Year gifts to CQU students and teachers. The Sichuan opera titled An Ode to the Moon of the Emei Mountain, which has made a sensation abroad, reflects the profound cultural deposits of China. The song A Vision of Eternity records the creation process of a print named Chinese Method of Construction – A Way to Build Internality. The print, which manifests the spirit of Chongqing University, is a piece of work of CQU teachers permanently collected by the National  Museum.

The programs are diversified and include Chinese opera, comic dialogue, song, poem recitation, skit and etc. All programs are of very high standard and are highly appreciated by audience present. Dou Yuxin, a junior student, one of the impressed audiences, says that the “programs of the Party are all of a very high standard”. Many teachers and administrative staff members take pictures and make video recordings of the performance and share them on WeChat, as a way to celebrate the New Year.

It is reported that this Party goes live on a number of HD live-broadcasting platform, such as the official Weibo account of Chongqing University, the TV station of CQU and the large screen of the main teaching building.