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Delegation led by Zhang Zongyi visits UC and attends 1st graduation ceremony of the Joint Co-op Institute

On April 28, 2018, the first 56 graduates of CQU-UC Joint Co-op Institute are celebrating their graduation as bachelors. At the invitation of Neville Pinto, president of the University of Cincinnati, a delegation of 6, including Zhang Zongyi, president of CQU, Li Zhengliang, director of the Teaching Affairs Office of CQU, Xu Jun, director of the Office of International Education and Exchange, Luo Yuanxin, vice dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Chen Ying, vice dean of the School of International Education, and Zhang Zhixing, vice president of CQU-UC Joint Co-op Institute, has attended the ceremony to witness the graduation of the first students of the joint education program.

On the morning of April 28, Zhang Zongyi and Zhang Zhiqing, respectively in the president suit and the supervisor suit, are sitting at the stage. Neville Pinto, president of UC, extends his warm welcome to the guests from Chongqing  University in his speech and gives a detailed introduction to this joint education program. In the degree awarding part, the two presidents both stand on the stage and shake hands with the 56 graduates of the Joint Co-op Institute as a way to extend congratulations.

Upon completion of the graduation ceremony, a luncheon party is held by the Joint Co-op Institute. At the luncheon party, Zhang Zongyi delivers a speech on behalf of Chongqing  University, and congratulates the students on their successful graduation. After that, Zhang devotes a significant portion to the major opportunities and broad prospects of Chongqing University according to the positioning of Chongqing as “two points”, and the goal to build “two places” and achieve “two highs” and explains the responsibilities of Chongqing University in serving development of China and Chongqing, and the general thought about expediting the “Double-First-Rate” Construction. Zhang points out that the international school-running course is a critical part of “Double-First-Rate” Construction. CQU will speed up its international development, so as to better serve the construction of Chongqing as an inland highland for opening-up. Zhang also expresses his wish that the students aim high and be patriotic, and try to be a talent of the new age that is able to contribute to country prosperity, national rejuvenation and civilization and progress of human beings.

During the interview, President Zhang Zongyi of CQU and President Neville Pinto of UC have had in-depth talks. The two parties both agree to strengthen exchange and cooperation in more areas and expand the enrollment of the Joint Co-op Institute and improve the school-running quality. After that, the delegation pays a visit to the central library and the Faculty of Medicine of the University  of Cincinnati, and communicates with student representatives at a symposium.

The Joint Co-op Institute was founded in 2013 based on the prominent advantages of Chongqing University in engineering. The Co-op teaching mode is introduced from the University of Cincinnati for the first time in China , with the advanced education philosophies of the two universities well integrated. In the past 5 years, the Joint Co-op Institute has been concentrating efforts on optimizing teaching resources, internationalizing exchange platforms and individualizing cultivation schemes, and has seen satisfactory results. Among the graduates, 10 have been awarded the honorary degree of Magna Cum Laude and 9 awarded the honorary degree of Cum Laude. Furthermore, 29 students have received offers from world reputable universities such as Carnegie Mellon University and Purdue University, and 21 students have been recommended for admission to well-known universities of China such as Wuhan University and University of Science and Technology of China. More than 80% of the graduates decide to pursue further study.