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CQU student wins “China College Student of the Year” Award

The results of 14th China College Student of the Year Selection were released a couple of days ago. Li Li, a doctoral candidate of 2018 of the School of OptoElectronic Engineering of Chongqing University won the “China College Student of the Year” award. The China College Student of the Year Selection was co-organized by, the Department of Education of Guangming Daily Press, College Student and, under supervision of the Ministry of Education and the People’s Daily. It is an annual event and the first session was held in 2006. All registered Chinese students studying in colleges and universities under a full-time system are eligible for the Selection.


Since launching of the Selection, the Department of Graduate Student Affairs Office and the Department of Student Affairs have been actively organizing recommendation of candidates. After reviewing the specific requirements and the selection results of student of the year in previous years, with outstanding achievements, comprehensive quality, past deeds and social influence of the students taken into consideration, Li Li was recommended as the representative of CQU students to the 14th China College Student of the Year Selection. Eventually, Li won the “China College Student of the Year” thanks to his extraordinary past deeds. There are totally 10 winners of this award nationwide, and Li is the first student to win this honor for Chongqing University.

Li has always been working hard and loves inheriting traditions, and is always responding to the need of the times. Whether in his undergraduate years, postgraduate years and doctoral candidate years, Li has been focusing on the world frontiers of science and technology, and exploring new paths of VR innovation and entrepreneurship, big data and artificial intelligence in response to the national development strategy and the development need of local industries of Chongqing. In 2013, given the national “innovation and entrepreneurship” initiative, Li successively established the “Cloud Computing Association of Chongqing University” and “Chongqing Alliance of College and University APP Developers”, and founded Yunwei Technology Co., Ltd. Within 5 years, the Company expanded from an undergraduate innovation team with registered capital of 150,000 yuan and 7 members to a pioneering big-data intelligence-oriented I&E enterprise with more than 300 employees, registered capital of 11.2 million yuan and revenue of nearly 180 million yuan in 2018. Li has successively dubbed as the “Top 10 Young Entrepreneurship Models” of 2014, the “Top 10 New Talents in Electronic Business of China” of 2014, the “Advanced Individual Model for Practicing Socialist Core Values” of 2015 issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, and the May Fourth Youth Medal of Chongqing of 2016. Li was selected as the representative of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Youth League of China in 2018. His undergraduate teams have won more than 30 awards in national scientific and technological innovation competitions.

At present, Li Li is acting as CEO of Chongqing Yunwei Technology Co., Ltd., and serving as a member of the Future Network Technology Standard Group of ISO, a member of the General Team on National AI Standardization, a member of Chongqing Committee of Communist Youth League, a standing member of Chongqing Youth Federation, vice chairman of Chongqing Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, secretary general of Technical Committee for Standardization, Chongqing Cloud Computing and Big Data Industry Association, and president of Chongqing University Cloud Computing Technology Association. The innovation and entrepreneurship stories of Li have been reported by more than 30 mainstream media, including Half-hour Economy, and Discover China of CCTV, Phoenix Satellite Television, ETTV and He has set a good example of young entrepreneurs for college students in the new era. Li said that he would keep in mind the mission of young college students of the times in the future in the process of study and entrepreneurial process. He would welcome the era of intelligence and concentrate innovation resources, so as to make positive contributions to high-quality development of China and improvement of people’s living standard.

It is reported that in the 14th China College Student of the Year Selection, a total of 10 “China College Students of the Year” were selected and 40 were nominated for “China College Student of the Year”. There were 106 finalists of the “China College Student of the Year”. It is a selection with remarkable influence among college students. Stories of outstanding college students that reflect their active involvement in social practice, academic scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, constant striving, courage to help others, their love and care for the elderly and their parents, all-round development and versatility were collected during the event. They all showed the high-spirited style of the college students and set examples for contemporary college students.