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CQU Foreign Expert Wins Chinese Government Friendship Award

The 2014 Chinese Government Friendship Award was unveiled recently. Danish Professor Hans Gregersen from Chongqing University was granted the award. On the afternoon of September 29th, 2014, the Friendship Award Granting Ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Professor Gregersen was invited to accept the prize as a winning representative of foreign experts.

Vice Premier Ma Kai of the State Council granted the award to winning foreign experts and made a speech in which he warmly congratulated them on behalf of the Chinese government and expressed heartfelt greetings to foreign experts working in China and also their relatives. Ma pointed out that in 2013 the number of foreign experts working in mainland China reached 610,000 person time, and these experts had become a great power to accelerate economic and social development of China and boost exchange and cooperation between China and other countries in the world. The Chinese government attached great importance to the work performed by foreign experts, and the Chinese people would remember the great contributions made by them to the national progress of our country forever.

Ma Kai reiterated that China has entered a decisive era of building a well-off society, the Chinese reform has gone into the hard fight phase and the deep water zone, and the Chinese economy is now in a critical phase of i quality, efficiency and level improvement, which requires participation by, cooperation with and support from talents from all over the world. China will always remain a big power that is open, learning and inclusive, implement more opening talent policies, actively learn advanced technologies, mature managerial experiences and excellent cultural accomplishments from foreign countries, continuously consummate talent introduction mechanisms and systems, protect and guarantee legal rights of foreign talents, and improve their working and living conditions in China from time to time.

Premier Li Keqiang met the foreign experts who won the 2014 Chinese Government Friendship Award and their families in Great Hall of the People on 30th day afternoon.

Li Keqiang warmly congratulated the winning foreign experts on behalf of Chinese government and Chinese people, thanked them for their enormous contributions to China’s economic and social development, and expressed his sincere blessings to all foreign experts, friends working in China and their families. Premier Li expressed that the introduction of talents has played an important and unique role in

China ’s progress and prosperity in the 65 years since the founding of the new China , particularly since the Reform and Opening-up. Currently, China has entered a new era of innovation, the Chinese economy needs to improve quality, efficient and level to become more medium or high-end; venture and innovation by the mass public require hard work and wisdom of the 1.3 billion Chinese people, wisdom and power of the entire humanity, and the fruits of all excellent civilizations of the world. The door of China ’s opening-up and talent introduction will become even more opened in the future, and China will continue to walk on the road of friendship and win-win cooperation together with all countries in the world.