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2018 CQU Intelligent Car Competition held at CQU

The Intelligent Car Competition sponsored by the Teaching Affairs Office of Chongqing University and organized by the School of OptoElectronic Engineering opens at 16:00 on May 12, 2018 at the basketball gym of storm-proof playground in Campus A, Chongqing University. In the hot days of May, CQU students are quite excited and nervous.

Nearly 150 students have actively participated in this Competition, including 51 students for the PhotoElectric Four-wheel Group, 39 students for the Beacon Match Group, 18 students for the Electromagnetic Vertical Group, 21 for the Elecrtomagnetic Three-wheel Group and 20 for the Shuangche Club Group. Chongqing University will choose the outstanding teams out of the participating groups and send them to the competition of west China . The Competition has aroused enthusiasm of CQU students about intelligent cards, and is aimed to cultivate their innovation spirit, teamwork spirit and practical ability, and ultimately facilitate individual progress and progress of the entire University.

Before 16:00, the participating teams have all arrived at the competition field to get adapted to the environment and commission their intelligent cars. The gym is hot and stuffily with students getting ready for the Competition. Despite the heavy sweat coming out of their noises, the participants are engrossed in commissioning their cars to ensure they exhibit their best potential. After the opening speech delivered by the supervisor, the chief judge introduces the competitors to the competition rules and stresses that each team will be treated strictly on an “open, fair and equal” basis. With the field and competition sequence announced, the competition of the PhotoElectric Four-wheel Group, which is the most attract part with the most participants, is started. The intelligent cars of this Group find their paths on the racing track depending on the intensity of reflected light of the photo sensor at different locations of the track. What’s more appealing is that the intelligent cars of this Group have the highest speed among all groups. When the cars are running along the track, the students at the spectators stand burst into continuous cheers. At this moment, students of the next competition group are doing the final commission of their cars. Each time the results of a group are announced, roars of applause would follow and the results get better and better as the competition goes on. The Competition culminates as the participants tense up and the audience burst into cheers.

The racing track for the Electromagnetic Vertical Group is the most complicated one, and the requirements for the intelligent cars are also the most stringent. In the competition of this Group, some of the competing teams encounter some problems at the beginning and fail to pull out at the first two attempts. Finally, the cars start to run on the track. The fast speed and accuracy of those cars win cheering and clapping from the audience. The comments of the commentator sitting besides the track are also vivid. He describes every subtle movement of the cars livelily and is even able to predict the “future” of those cars, often incorrectly. This makes the competition more interesting. Nobody is bored throughout the extended competition process. On the contrary, every one present remains concentrated all the way.

The competition of the Shuangche Club Group and the Beacon Match Group is fierce as well. When it is almost 8:00pm, the chief judge announces the results of the competition, indicating the very end of the competition of all groups. There are 5 winners of the first prize, 7 winners of the second prize and 10 winners of the third prize. The Competition is then brought to a successful close.


For this Competition, the participants have been preparing day and night for quite a long time. Those will be unforgettable and valuable memories for them. It is hoped that the Competition would serve as an opportunity for CQU students to gain more experience, so that they will be able to see satisfactory outcomes in the regional and national competitions.


We are full of enthusiasm and filled with dreams in May. The intelligent cars would carry our dreams and sail ceaselessly forward to our future.