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Undergraduate of School of Automotive Engineering publishes SCI 1 paper

The School of Automotive Engineering has been concentrating efforts on improving the scientific research innovation capacity of undergraduates. Specific actions include offering characteristic courses, and implementing individualized cultivation schemes and semester implementation plans, all aiming at developing students’ innovation spirit and frontier scientific research thinking, and enhancing undergraduates’ practical competence, and their ability of carrying out scientific research and writing scientific and technological papers. Recently, Huang Zhiyu and Xie Zhilong, two students of 2015 of the School of Automotive Engineering, published an academic paper in Energy Conversion and Management, an authoritative journal in the engineering area, under the title “modeling and multi-ive optimization of a stand-alone PV-hydrogen-retired EV battery hybrid energy system” (SCI 1, IF = 6.377; Volume 181, 1 February 2019, Pages 80-92). The paper mainly contains the research achievements of a project under the Student Research Training Program (SRTP) named Optimization Design of Hybrid Energy Storage and Power Generation System Comprising Stand-alone Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell-Recycled Power Battery. The project has been supported by the National Key R&D Program and the Research Funds for Colleges and Universities Allocated by the Central Government. This paper describes an off-grid renewable energy system made up of the photovoltaic power generation, fuel cell and hydrogen energy storage, and the retired power batteries, and includes research of multi-objective optimization design of system modeling and system configuration to achieve high energy efficiency and low-cost utilization. This paper has been completed under supervision of Researcher Zhang Caizhi of the School of Automotive Engineering.

Huang Zhiyu and Xie Zhilong are enthusiastic about scientific research and started their research work at the Fuel Cell Car Lab (co-established by the School of Automotive Engineering, Chongqing Automotive Collaborative Innovation Center and State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission) in their sophomore year. Huang Zhiyu is currently applying for studying at Nanyang Technological University, and plans to obtain the doctoral degree. Xie Zhilong has already been recommended to Tongji University as a postgraduate. The research went on smoothly thanks to the substantial supported granted by the School to the scientific research by undergraduates, and the guide and assistance provided by professors from home and abroad including Professor Siew Hwa Chan from Nanyang Technological University, Professor Hu Xiaosong, and other teachers under the Education Reform Programs Research and Practice of Academic English Teaching, and Improving Innovation Capacity of Undergraduates by Focusing on High-level Scientific Researches.