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CQU’s Indonesian-Chinese teacher stretches hand out to remote areas in Guizhou against COVID-19

Ms. Vivi Kasim, a foreign teacher from the School of Bioengineering of Chongqing University, and her husband Mr. Wu Shourong, went back to Jakarta, Indonesia to spend the winter vacation. As they were about to return to Chongqing, they were stopped by the spread of COVID-19. After getting to know that the government of the remote Huangping County, Guizhou Province was struggling for surgical masks and other medical supplies against the coronavirus, they tried to find medical supplies in Jakarta by all means despite the prevailing heavy rain and the difficulty to get such things amid continuous spread of the virus. After experiencing many setbacks, they eventually found 10,500 surgical masks, 1,000 pair of gloves and 5 infrared thermoscopes.

Furthermore, with the help of their family, Ms. Vivi Kasim found an international cargo transportation company that delivered the supplies to Huangping County, Guizhou Province. Upon arrival of the supplies, officials from the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of the government of Huangping County, members of the Standing CPC Committee of the County, head of the Organization Department of the County, deputy county chief of the County, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Huangping County and director general of the Health Bureau of Huangping County attended a brief donation ceremony, and extended their gratitude to Ms. Vivi Kasim and Mr. Wu Shourong for their much needed help. Ms. Vivi Kasim said that the Indonesian-Chinese, after hearing about the shortage of medical supplies and spread of coronavirus in China, quickly started to look around for medical supplies in a bid to help China out. Some companies donated a large amount of supplies and some individuals donated a couple of boxes of surgical masks. Ms. Vivi Kasim added that she was surprised by their enthusiasm. Attendants at the ceremony believed that China was going to win this war against the virus very soon.