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CQU wins title of “National Civilized Campus” in the second selection

The list of “National Civilized Campuses” of the second selection was released on November 20, 2020. According to the list, Chongqing University has won the title of “National Civilized Campus”. The National Civilized Campus is the top honorary title granted by the Steering Committee for Spiritual Civilization of the CPC Central Committee to colleges and universities with outstanding performance in spiritual civilization. This is another significant symbolic achievement for Chongqing University to develop socialist culture and ethics, following the “National Civilized Campuses” in the first selection and the honorary title of “Advanced University for Creation of ‘National Civilized Campuses’”.

In recent years, Chongqing University has been sticking closely to the motto “hardworking, simplicity, diligence and patriotism”, and carrying out the basic task of moral education and talent cultivation. Following the “six-outstanding” standard, CQU has been concentrating efforts on construction of civilized campuses by improving the spiritual quality of teachers and students, so as to make civilization the most beautiful scenery line of the campus.

Consolidating ideal and faith

CQU has been taking ideal and faith oriented education as its top priority, and taking efforts to integrate the socialist core values into the process of talent education, so as to cultivate all-round talents suitable for this era with.

CQU is introducing the innovation theory of CPC into the textbooks and classes and ultimately into the minds of students and teachers. For example, it has established the Propaganda Team of the Spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the Teacher and Lecturer Team, and the Student Backbone Propaganda Team, so as to publicize the innovation theory of CPC extensively and regularly.

CQU has been carrying out the “three-all education” and is included as one of the first 10 pilot universities for “three-all education” comprehensive reform. For this purpose, it has worked out a special working scheme for the “ten-factor education” comprising more than 330 measures, built up the “six major education fronts” and one comprehensive reform demonstration zone. The “three-all” education pattern has been basically formed.

Through in-depth digging and reorganization of the ideological and political elements of 60 representative courses of the 35 categories, CQU has summarized the education elements of more than 800 courses. On this basis, it has opened more than 140 elective courses of liberal education, launched the project to establish 102 “three-entry” special courses, and invested more than 1.5 million yuan in supporting ideological and political construction of courses. The efforts have been made to achieve full coverage of infiltrating ideological and political education, and make ideological and political courses easier to understand, learn and perceive. In addition, CQU has been making efforts to integrate the socialist core value education into the first, second and third classrooms, to guide teachers and students to understand and put into practice the ideological and political ideas.

Promoting teacher's ethics culture

Chongqing University has been attaching the greatest importance to construction of teachers’ professional ethics. A “moral education and talent cultivation” exhibition center has been built up by Chongqing University to display the tradition of Chongqing University people in education management. Furthermore, special courses on teachers’ ethics education are also included in the induction training of new teachers. Teacher appraisal, propaganda and exhibition activities including the “Most Popular Teachers among Students” and the “Young Teacher Lecturing Competition” have been held.

Importance has also been attached to example setting. More than 30 teachers have been granted honorary titles like “National Advanced Individual in the Fight against COVID-19”, “National Outstanding CPC Member”, “the Most Beautiful Fighter” and the “Most Beautiful University Counselor”. The teachers’ ethics example lectures have also been held to spread their stories and set an example for young Chongqing University people of what a good teacher should be like.

The professional ethics assessment is also incorporated into the education and teaching process. The “one vote against meaning veto” system is strictly adopted and a professional ethics database has been set up. In order to strengthen the professional ethics supervision, the complaint systems including petition letter, president’s mailbox and legal affairs handling procedures have been established, to get hold of the dynamic information on professional ethics of teachers and strengthen the supervision over teachers. The university officials, teachers, students, students’ parents and the society are all involved in the professional ethics supervision.

Cultivating cultural quintessence

CQU is making efforts to consolidate the cultural confidence of teachers and students and allow outstanding campus culture to spread all over the campus. It has created a number of excellent cultural products representative of this new era.

CQU has created original works popular among teachers and students, represented by Memories of Chongqing-Red Lovers, A Letter in the War and Brilliance. These are all stories told by Chongqing University people about practice of culture-based education. In particular, A Letter in the War was included as the first ones in the “Activity Plan for Promotion of Original Cultural Products in Colleges and Universities”. Chongqing University is also appointed as the only undertaking university of the innovation and development center of ideological and political work in colleges and universities oriented to cultural education under the Ministry of Education.

Personal interview and other tracing and inheriting activities have also been carried out by Chongqing University to set up the special archives of teachers, students and alumni. Various forms including play, dance and micro-film are adopted to represent the development history of Chongqing University. The 90th Anniversary Ceremony and Evening Party of Chongqing University was successfully held. The History of Chongqing University (2009 to 2019), Chongqing University in Pictures and Chongqing University in Literature (1929 to 1949) have been published.

Chongqing University is making efforts to inherit and create outstanding traditional cultural products with Chinese characteristics represented by Sichuan opera, and was dubbed as the  heritage base of outstanding Chinese traditional culture (Sichuan opera) by the Ministry of Education. The performers were invited to perform the special Sichuan operas abroad by Office of Chinese Language Council International for 2 straight years. CQU has been actively involved in cultural rejuvenation of Shizhu, Zhongxian and Fengjie of Chongqing and Lyuchun of Yunnan. The story about special town of Zhongyi Township, Shizhu was covered by the front page of Guangming Daily on June 18, 2020.

Nourishing civilization

Education, like the spring rain, moisturize things in silence. The campus environment also plays an unnoticed role in education. Many alumni would come to the old buildings of the campus of Chongqing University to take pictures. There are inspiring stories behind those buildings. Chongqing University has taken protective and repairing measures on the modern buildings in the old campus as respect to the history. The modern building group is included in the second batch of the architectural heritage of the 20th Century of China. The older building group is included in the list of the 8th batch of important heritage sites under state protection. As for the new campus built based on the unique natural landscape resources, the Science Building has won the Lu Ban Award for Construction Projects in China.

Chongqing University has set up earmarked funds dedicated to greening of the campus. Now the greening rate of the campus has reached above 60%. Chongqing University has won the title of “Garden Organization of Chongqing”. Efforts have been made to strengthen utilization and construction of the intelligent energy management system and build an energy-conserving campus. The dining halls have also become a place of education, with propaganda banners saying “civilized dining” and “thrift cultivates morality” put up. The “Clean Your Plate Campaign” is also going on. These activities have been held to teach students about thrift. The “disaster prevention month”, “safety education month”, “fire fighting knowledge in military training” and other special activities have also been carried out. There was no fire accident in 2019 in Chongqing University.、

As the construction of civilized campus goes on, CQU teachers and students keep civilization in mind and put it into practice, and civilization has become a trend of CQU.