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[] The Largest Science Experiment Center Among Universities in Chongqing Officially Topped Out

[Via Zhong Yi from in Chongqing, on January 15] On January 15, a topping-out ceremony was held at the Science Center of Chongqing University, a major scientific infrastructure Huxi construction project of the Western China (Chongqing) Science City.

The Center, being the largest scientific experiment center ever built in CQU, is positioned among the national key laboratories and national centers, provincial and ministerial centers, etc. It is also the largest scientific experiment center in Chongqing's higher education institutions.

This is an image of the CQU Science Center, which has been officially topped off. Photo by correspondent Zhou Yi from

According to information, the CQU Science Center, a major scientific infrastructure of the Western China (Chongqing) Science City, has an overall floorage of about 247,700 square meters, including 182,500 square meters above ground and 65,200 square meters underground. Enclosed by the internal and external ring-shaped structures, the project has a tower with a maximum of 10 floors and a maximum building height of 47.7 meters.

CQU Vice President Liu Guiwen indicated that the CQU Science Center will serve as a key scientific research base for CQU to draw more researchers to carry out cutting-edge researches and explore secrets of science. The top-out of the Science Center marks another solid step for CQU in major scientific endeavors.

Sources told that, after its completion, the CQU Science Center, which will serve as the core of the national platform, focus on basic, common, cutting-edge and interdisciplinary researches, and leverage modular construction as its vehicle, is dedicated to promoting the integration and optimization of similar disciplines and fields. Featuring nine major innovation-oriented modules for advanced manufacturing, intelligent energy, low carbon technology, advanced materials, electronic devices, artificial intelligence, cutting-edge crossover, public platforms, and science communication as well as the national innovation platform for the integration of industry and education of energy storage technology, etc., the CQU Science Center will strive to develop itself as a world-class science research platform, and to become a high-end experimental research hub that will lead and support the basic researches and innovation development in Chongqing and other western part of the country.

According to the head of the project CQU Science Center contracted by China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, the principal structure of the project has been completed, the secondary structure and integrated electromechanical construction are being orderly progressed, the curtain wall sample boards have been constructed, and the project as a whole is expected to be completed in November 2024.