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CQU Triumphs at the Seventh College Students' Art Exhibition in Chongqing

Recently, CQU won a total of 50 awards including 27 first prizes, 14 second prizes, and 9 third prizes at the 7th College Students' Art Exhibition in Chongqing, a record high number of awards, and was recognized for its outstanding organizational work at the municipality level. Hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, the event is currently the municipality's largest college students' art carnival in terms of profile, size and visibility, which aims to vigorously develop quality-oriented education, educate people, influence people and train people with immersive art experiences, and nurture a new generation of capable young people with sound moral grounding, intellectual ability, physical vigor, aesthetic sensibility, and work skills who will fully develop socialism and carry forward the socialist cause.

It is reported that five art exhibition works such as Son of the Loong (龙之子) by CQU School of Arts, Puppet Dream - Pilgrim's Progress (木偶之梦·开天路), Cooing Cuckoo (布谷鸟儿咕咕叫), Great Disaster Relief in Luopoling (风雨落坡岭) by CQU Student Art Troupe, as well as Red Revolutionary Spirit in Culturally Appealing Guizhou Rural Area (文艺黔乡红色筑梦) by CQU Art Practice Workshop, have been selected for promotion across the country.

With the theme of "keeping the country in mind and cultivating keen enterprise," this year's event aims to ensure an enabling environment for developing the fine traditional Chinese culture, organize a variety of art activities in colleges and universities, and bring together the art exhibition with art curricula, students' art societies, and campus-based cultural development, so as to create a new chapter in which all students are involved in art activities organized in colleges and universities.

CQU has always attached great importance to the College Students' Art Exhibition in Chongqing by encouraging parties concerned in CQU to attend its activities. Keeping closely the event's theme, and upholding the principles of promoting moral education, benefiting all, and carrying forward the Chinese spirit, CQU actively participated in four major categories of activities, including artistic performances, students' art practice workshops, artistic works, and best cases of reform and innovation in aesthetic education in colleges and universities.

CQU participated in five art exhibition activities, including dance, vocal music, instrumental music, drama and recitation. In particular, CQU's dance works Son of the Loong (龙之子), Waiting in the Trace Shadow (溯影里的守候) and Ditty of Mount Yimeng (沂蒙山小调) were awarded the First Prize in Chongqing, while Story of Xiaoluobotou (小萝卜头) and Story of Manlun Ceramic Technology (慢轮陶影) the Second Prize, and Flamboyant Kapok (红棉红) the Third Prize. CQU's vocal music works Puppet Dream - Pilgrim's Progress (木偶之梦·开天路), Don't Be Sad, Don't Be Anxious - Aladdin (莫要愁来莫要焦·Aladdin), No Way/Ju Bat Ho Yi (绝不可以), Lost You Forever (长相思), and Just the Wind (风萧瑟) won the First Prize in Chongqing, while Lonely Summit (孤独的山巅) the Second Prize, and I Don't Anymore (我不再) and Farewell My Friend (别君叹) the Third Prize. CQU's instrumental music works Cooing Cuckoo (布谷鸟儿咕咕叫), New Scenes in Dunhuang (敦煌新语), Knightsbridge Chronicles (莱玆桥纪事), The Sound of Music Medley (音乐之声组曲) won the First Prize in Chongqing, while He's a Pirate the Third Prize. CQU's drama works Fire Fighting in Jinyun Mountain (缙云之巅), I Have a New Dream (我有一个新的梦想), Dream of Shadow Puppet (灯影戏梦) and Left Cave for Viewing (别洞观景) won the First Prize in Chongqing. CQU's recitation works Great Disaster Relief in Luopoling (风雨落坡岭), Hymn of Light (光的赞歌), Soul of the Hump (驼峰之魂) and Gesangmeiduo (格桑梅朵) won the First Prize in Chongqing, while Overlord's Monologue (霸王独白), China in Spring (春天里的中国), and Summertime (艳阳天) the Second Prize, and Phoenix Hairpin (钗头凤) the Third Prize.

Selected as a best case of reform and innovation in aesthetic education in colleges and universities, CQU's work entitled Strengthening the Supply of Quality Resources and Deepening the Work of Aesthetic Education: CQU Actively Introduces Quality Social Resources to Strengthen Aesthetic Education was awarded the First Prize (Comprehensive Category) in Chongqing. CQU Art Practice Workshop product Red Revolutionary Spirit in Culturally Appealing Guizhou Rural Area (文艺黔乡红色筑梦) won the First Prize in Chongqing. CQU microfilm works Story of Military Training (戎耀·破茧之夏), An'an (安安), Pursuit (追寻) and Random Needle Embroidery (沙磁乱针锈) won the First Prize in Chongqing, while When the Fog Disperses (雾散去时) the Third Prize. Among the 18 award-winning works of calligraphy, painting, photography and design, Blossoming Spring (芳春) won the First Prize of Painting in Chongqing, while Loquat in Early Summer (初夏之杷), Thriving Autumn (千秋), Work for a Shared Future (同莘筑梦,共赴未来) the Second Prize of Painting, and Great Victory in Nanquan - Dawn (南泉大捷-曙光) the Third Prize of Painting; Modelling Previous Poems by Li Bai (太白拟古) the Second Prize of Calligraphy and Seal Engraving; Handicrafts for Future (手作未来) the First Prize of Photography, while Great People and Chinese Bridges (大写的人-中国桥梁), Deep Blue Dreamcore (深蓝色梦核), and Mountain City - Impression (山城·印象) the Second Prize of Photography, and Jinyin Lake Swans (缙湖天鹅) and Loneliness and Eternity (孤寂与永恒) the Third Prize of Photography.

CQU attaches great importance to college students' art exhibition activities. Since the start of the exhibition activities, CQU actively held preparatory and coordination meetings, closely teamed up with departments concerned to exert their best efforts to carry out and ensure sound supporting work, widely motivated students on campuses for participation, provided elaborate guidance for each entry, solidly crafted works, and deeply pushed forward the promotion of learning, training, and teaching through contests to deliver high-quality campus cultural products. These efforts were aimed at creating iconic cultural achievements. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Invest in the continuation of the Chinese culture, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of the fine traditional Chinese culture." According to its next plan, CQU will solidly push forward the "Promotion of Moral Education for New Generation in New Era," enable a sound coordination mechanism for cultural development, integrally advance the building of a great culture in CQU's campuses, and break new ground in the cultural education efforts of colleges and universities in the new era.

Source: CQU CCYL Committee

Authored by: Xia Ruli, Zeng Haishan