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CQU Team Honored as MCM/ICM Outstanding Winner

Recently, the results of Mathematical Contest in Modeling / Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM) 2024 were announced. The participating CQU team consisting of Chen Hongxu (team leader), an undergraduate student of Class 2021 from CQU College of Materials Science and Engineering, and Huang Zhiyin and Peng Fei (members), undergraduates of Class 2021 from CQU College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, was honored with the Outstanding Winner of the MCM/ICM 2024 for its entry "Momentum: Powerful Magic for Winning." There is only 0.17% chance for candidate teams to win this award. The MCM/ICM 2024 brought together more than 20,000 teams from over 1,000 prestigious universities and colleges around the world.

By primarily involving the analysis of the on-court performance of the men's players at the Wimbledon Championships 2023, and conducting training a model using algorithms such as recurrent neural networks and autoregressive differential moving average models, the team has constructed a final model to achieve an effective prediction of the players' level of play during the tournament.

The team leader Chen Hongxu indicated that the successful completion of the project and the unexpected fruitful outcome were attributed to the mutual trust and tacit cooperation among teammates, as well as the dedicated guidance from instructors and the support and help from relevant faculty members of CQU College of Material Sciences and Engineering. Winning this award is a recognition of our team and individual efforts, as well as our capability to solve problems.

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling / Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM), hosted by the American Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP), is the pinnacle of international mathematical modeling competitions and the most influential mathematical modeling competition in the world. According to the MCM/ICM system, a three-member team should be formed to complete all the work from modeling, solving, validation to paper preparation within four days. In this way, contestants are expected to fully demonstrate their abilities of investigating the problems and formulating solutions as well as their teamwork mentality.