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Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof. Ferenc Krausz Appointed as CQU Emeritus Professor and Nobel Prize Workstation Inaugurated

On May 30, the appointment ceremony of Ferenc Krausz, the Nobel Laureate in Physics 2023, as Emeritus Professor of CQU, and the inauguration ceremony of the Nobel Prize Workstation of CQU Three Gorges Hospital and Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, took place in the Lecture Hall of the Library of the Huxi Campus of CQU. The event was graced by Wang Shuxin, President of CQU, Xu Zhipeng, Deputy Director General of Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, Yang Pengfei, Deputy Director of the Talent Work Office of Chongqing Municipal Committee Organization Department, Yu Guanjun, Deputy Director of the Human Resource Department of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, Zhang Xianxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of CQU Three Gorges Hospital, as well as heads of relevant functional departments and schools/colleges, and representatives of faculty members and students of each school/college. The two ceremonies were moderated by Li Jian, Vice President of CQU.

Xu Zhipeng delivered a speech, in which he warmly welcomed Prof. Ferenc Krausz to visit Chongqing, and extended his warm congratulations on the establishment of the Nobel Prize Workstation at CQU. Xu hoped that CQU and its affiliated Three Gorges Hospital would strengthen the in-depth cooperation with Prof. Ferenc Krausz's team, so as to introduce the international advanced technologies into Chongqing, pool efforts to build a hub for life and health innovations, and enable medicine-physics integration for the development of science, technology and innovation in Chongqing.

Wang Shuxin presented Prof. Ferenc Krausz with a certificate of appointment as Emeritus Professor of CQU. Xu Zhipeng and Prof. Ferenc Krausz jointly unveiled the plaque for the CQU Three Gorges Hospital and Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies-Ferenc Krausz Nobel Prize Workstation, which is also the first Nobel Prize Workstation of Prof. Ferenc Krausz in China.

Subsequently, Prof. Ferenc Krausz delivered a lecture on the interactions between ultrashort laser pulses and biomolecules. His main research interests involve ultrashort pulsed laser technology, high-field physics, and attosecond physics, etc. In 2001, Prof. Ferenc Krausz's research team created and measured the first attosecond light pulse and used it to capture the motion of electrons inside atoms, marking the birth of attosecond physics. By employing ultrashort pulsed laser technology as the basis of attosecond measurement technology, Prof. Ferenc Krausz's research team has made it possible to further develop infrared spectroscopy for biomedical applications in early human disease screening. The application of this technology provides new ideas and methods for the early diagnosis of tumors and other diseases, and improves the sensitivity and specificity of disease diagnosis. The research findings have drawn wide attention in the international academic community.

Following the ceremonies, Prof. Ferenc Krausz had an insightful exchange of ideas with the leaders and young scholars of CQU Institute of Scientific Research and Development, CQU Three Gorges Hospital, and CQU College of Physics.

According to plan, CQU will align itself with Chongqing's "4-16" strategy for science, technology and innovation and "3-3-6-18" modern manufacturing clusters, and strengthen cooperation with Prof. Ferenc Krausz's team in scientific research, achievement commercialization and talent development. This will promote the discovery and development of interdisciplinary research in physics and medicine at CQU, provide strong scientific and technological support for the building of modernized Chongqing in the new era, and make greater contributions to the building of China into a science and technology giant.