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World Reading Day activities held by CQU Library

On the morning of April 21, as the 28th World Reading Day is around the corner, the "Happy Reading at CQU Just at Your Hand" activities co-organized by Chongqing University Library and Chongqing University Press, were held in the lobby on the first floor of Huxi Library, Chongqing University. The neatly arranged books that are lately published cover topics ranging from technology, social science, and literature to arts. Furthermore, special display shelves for ChatGPT's popular books and award-winning books were set up on-site. Students stood by the exhibition stands, and leafed through the books, indulging themselves in reading. During this period, the Library handed out resource construction satisfaction questionnaires. Students could scan the QR code to complete the questionnaire, participate in the draw and win gifts.

At the same time, a lecture titled "Depicting New Multi-faceted Chongqing" was delivered in the lecture hall of Huxi Library. Earl E, a native writer of Chongqing, was invited to the event as the keynote speaker. Earl E explained his writing experience and the understanding of Chongqing's "new identity" in science fiction works. After that, Earl E answered questions raised by the students.

Earl E said that the "magic" landform of Chongqing has created a breeding ground for science fiction works, while the wild and energetic wharf culture serves as the nutrients for it to sprout and grow. Unlike the serious expression of traditional literature and their focus on history, the new-generation literature focus more on the emotion and feelings of readers. Chongqing, a Cyberpunk city, apparently meets this need and therefore has become the new "favorite" of science fiction works.

In his speech, Earl E said that in the process of reading, "the more I consult materials, the more I understand Chongqing. Writing is a process of re-construction of my memory about my hometown." Reading is no less than a way to gain a new understanding of the world. While we read, we forget worries, and learn new things. Libraries are home to knowledge and serve as storage of culture, providing desirable knowledge for us.

After the lecture, students raised questions and had a discussion with Earl E. Earl E shared her thoughts on the writing of science fiction works, the selection of publishing platforms of network literature, and the relation between literature and philosophy. When responding to a question raised by a student on the gap between literature and reality, Earl E advised the student not to worry too much about difficulties in life. "If you do not have worries, you cannot feel happy." She said: "The tiredness in reality fulfills our life." Her words inspired the students a lot.

At the same time, Yang Jianyun was invited to the hand-knitting experience area, Yang is a student of Huang Min, the national inheritor of Sichuan embroidery, and is good at Sichuan embroidery, grass cloth, hand-knitting, and other traditional handicraft. Yang Jianyun selected the hand-knitting bag, which is functional and decorative, for the participants. At the site, the readers, as guided by Yang Jianyun, learned knotting and threading with a thread, and made a hand-knitting clutch bag, which looked like marshmallow.

It is reported that the World Reading Day activities were held by CQU Library in response to the call of the Ministry of Education to enhance the humanistic literacy of CQU students. Chongqing University Library will stick to its service concept of "advocating nationwide reading and building scholarly Chongqing", make efforts to expand its service channel, extend its service connotation, and hold more diversified cultural activities, so as to play a positive role in building favorable style of study, creating encouraging studying atmosphere, developing the students' reading habit and enhancing exchange in reading and learning.