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CQU College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Conducts the Study Visit and Exchange Program for Outstanding Students (2023-2024 Edition) to Japan

From January 14 to 20, the Study Visit and Exchange Program for Outstanding Students (2023-2024 Edition) was conducted in Kyoto, Japan. A total of 30 representatives of outstanding students were selected by the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for a 5-day study visit and exchange under the guidance of faculty members Wang Zhiyong and Wu Li.

An academic visit to Kyoto University inspires academic minds

The academic visit delegation had a fulfilling and insightful communication tour to Kyoto University, a renowned academic institution in Japan. During this event, the delegation members attended lectures by renowned scholars such as Prof. Benjamin McLellan and Prof. Masaharu Nakamura. These outstanding scholars have not only made outstanding achievements in their respective academic domains, but are also active promoters of international exchanges. Lectured in a vivid manner with abundant real-life examples, they shared their academic experiences and research findings, which provided valuable advice and profound insights to the delegation members. Their wonderful lectures have not only expanded their academic horizons, but also helped the delegation members gain a deeper understanding of the forward-looking updates in their respective research interests.

Prof. Han Liyou briefed the delegation members on the unique academic culture and exceptional research landscape of Kyoto University. His presentation enabled the delegation members to gain a better awareness of Kyoto University for its preeminent presence in the international academic community and its great efforts in training outstanding professionals.

The delegation subsequently visited Prof. Takashi Morii's research team at the Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, to gain a deeper understanding of his research efforts. During the visit, the delegation members acquired a well-rounded picture of the operation principles and application areas of advanced experimental equipment such as the fast scanning atomic force microscope and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment. They were not only informed of international cutting-edge research technologies, but also gained a deeper understanding of the application of advanced technologies in practical research. The event not only allowed hands-on interaction with research facilities, but also served as a platform for face-to-face communication with top scientists and researchers. It was a rare opportunity for the visiting delegation members to engage in academic interactions, as they not only acquired new insights, but were also inspired to be more enthusiastic and motivated in their research work.

A visit to Japanese companies allows for a deeper awareness of technological craftsmanship

The delegation visited Kyocera, one of the world's leading material manufacturers, whose outstanding product quality has become a benchmark in the industry. In keeping with the life philosophy of its founder Kazuo Inamori, "Respect the Divine and Love People," Kyocera is deeply committed to developing businesses in the fields of environment and energy. Today, Kyocera has developed into a global leader in semiconductors and new materials. By learning about Kyocera's development history and management philosophy in person, the delegation members were able to continuously improve their own way of thinking and behavioral habits, bringing important insights into their personal growth and improvement in the future.

Sasaki Chemical Co., Ltd., another destination of this visit, showcased its advanced production process and quality control system, underscoring its ultimate commitment to the quality of its products. Through in-depth exchanges with Sasaki representatives, the delegation gained a clear picture of how they meet the individual needs of their customers through product customization. Upon further understanding of the Sasaki's development strategy of product customization and customer satisfaction, the delegation became familiar with Sasaki's excellence in the pharmaceutical field and its unique business philosophy.