Chongqing University (CQU) is a key national university in China, directly under the State Ministry of Education, it is also one of the "211 Project and 985 Project” universities. CQU is located in Shapingba District, a cultural and educational center in the city of Chongqing. 

Famous Scholars
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Yang Shizhong

Yang Shizhong, male, native of Chongqing, CPC member, professor of Chongqing University, doctoral supervisor, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and national expert with outstanding contribution; chief scientist of the key laboratory for “vehicle observation and control and remote sensing information transmission technology” under the “211 Project” and “Project 985”; academic leader of the national key discipline “new technique of electric theory”; director of the Academic Board of the Key Laboratory for “Spacecraft TT&C and Communication”; doubling as the senior technical consultant of Military Science and Technology Research Commission of the Headquarters of the General Staff, the Liberation Army.

Yang Shizhong has been engaged in research of communication, radar, spacecraft TT&C and remote sensing information transmission technology for a long time, and has made a number of creative achievements. He has won the national prize for progress in science and technology, 6 national invention prizes, 10 awards for scientific and technological advancement of the provincial level, and 11 national invention patents and has published 2 monographs and more than 100 papers.

The “satellite transmission-type CCD TV remote sensing system” won the national second prize for progress in science and technology in 1985. It is the first transmission-type satellite remote sensing system developed by China, and ended the history of China without transmission-type satellite remote sensing technology. The “special communication system” won the national second prize for progress in science and technology in 2004. Deployment of the system was approved after successful development of the system, and now it serves as a piece of critical equipment urgently needed by the special forces of China, The “unified spread spectrum TT&C and image transmission system” won the national third prize for technical invention in 1993. It was widely recognized as the cutting-edge TT&C system in the world. The “new method of precision tracking system medium-frequency interception” won the national third prize for invention in 1987. It can be used to solve the sideband locking and poor interference resistance of existing method for regular spectral line. The “spacecraft uniform TT&C comprehensive terminal device” won the national third prize for progress in science and technology in 1996, which realized satellite communication in China for the first time in history. The “double-frequency Doppler frequency interception receiver” won the National Scientific Conference Award and it was used as the main equipment of the ground tracking telemetry control station for the first artificial satellite launched by China.

Yang is responsible for research and development of key demonstration projects of CNGI under the National Development and Reform Commission, and succeeded in developing the mobile wireless access terminal for the next-generation internet wide band. It is engaged in research of microwave power supply and space solar power station, and was instructed by central leaders to “ Track related national progress; Highlight pre-research of key technologies; Strengthen the plan demonstration evaluation; and endeavor to make breakthrough”.

Yang won the prize for progress in science and technology under Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation in 2005; the Guanghua Technological Prize in 1996; and the honor badge in recognition of contribution to defense-related science and technology. He has achieved the first-class merit of China National Space Administration. Other honors include the national “May 1st” labor medal; the model worker in the national education system; national model teacher; advanced scientific and technical worker of universities nationwide; outstanding CPC member of Chongqing; top 10 innovative talents of science and technology in universities of Chongqing; meritorious contributor to construction of Chongqing in the first 10 years after it became a municipality; the outstanding contribution prize for science and technology in Chongqing; advanced worker of scientific and technological innovation in the information industry; the special prize for outstanding teachers granted by Baogang Education Foundation; and 4 special merits of Chongqing University.