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Introduction to Industrial CT Non-destructive Testing Engineering Research Center, MOE

Introduction to Industrial CT Non-destructive Testing Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education

Industrial CT(Computed Tomography, CT)Non-destructive Testing Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as the Center)was approved to prepare for construction by the Ministry of Education in 2006. In December 2013, it wasinspected by experts organized by the Ministry of Education. In December 2014, it was officially approved by the Ministry of Education.

The Center relies on the innovation platform of the Key Laboratory of Optoelectronic Technology and Systems of the Ministry of Education of Chongqing University, and takes the ICT Research Center of Chongqing University as the main body of technical research and system development. It is supported by disciplines, technology and talents of the College of Optoelectronic Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Automation, College of Mathematics and Statistics of Chongqing University,and regards the Chongqing Zhence Science and Technology Co., Ltd. as the industrial base.

The main missions of the Center are to enhance the innovation of industrial CT non-destructive testing key technologies and system integration technologies, and accelerate the transformation of industrial CT technology achievements .The Center aims to cultivate and gather highly qualified innovation talents and management talents in industrial CT technology field, condense technology research directions, exploit new production, education and scientific research operation mechanism, and improve the conversion rate and efficiency of independent innovation technology achievements.

The Center serves national security, production safety, public safety and scientific research, aiming at the research and development of low-energy, medium- energy and high-energy X-ray CT systems, ultra-high-energy large-scale industrial CT systems, micro-nano-structure ultra-fine resolution computer 3D imaging systems, neutron digital imaging systems and related core components. It is the only research unit that has a full range of products including micro-nano CT, micro CT, low-energy CT and high-energy CT in China. It has created many firsts of industrial CT field in China. The research results of the center have widely used in aerospace, defense military, petroleum, automotive, materials, machinery and other industrial fields, which makes significant contributions to the determination of mechanical products and major equipment quality, geological structure analysis, launch vehicle launch, aircraft engine development, automobile and motorcycle engine development, digestion of introduced technology.

The Center has received a number of national, provincial and ministerial-level and major defense military research project funds including National Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment Development Special Items, owned more than 70 invention patents, and formulated 18 national standards for industrial CT technology (13 have been issued and 5 approved for approval). The Center has won one second Prize of China’s National Science and Technology Advancement, two provincial first Prizes and three second Prizes for Scientific and Technological Advancement. The overall technology is leading domestically, reaching the international advanced level, and some indicators are in the international leading position.

The Center has broken through the key technologies of industrial CT, broken the restrictions of western countries on industrial CT technology and products, and met the urgent needs of national economy, national defense military industry and aerospace industry for industrial CTin China, and improved the overall detection level of major equipment in China, upgraded the quality and competitiveness of China's major equipment products, promoted the development of China's non-destructive testing industry, and driven the advancement of precision machinery, detectors, radiation sources, image reconstruction and processing software.

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