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Joint International Research Laboratory of Green Buildings and Built Environments, MOE

Introduction of the Joint International Research Laboratory of Green Buildings and Built Environments ,Ministry of Education , P.R.China.

Based on the ideas of innovation, mobility and collaboration, and the support of four first-tier subjects including Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning and Ecology, the Joint International Research Laboratory comprises 12 world-wide famous universities and research institutes, the lead institute Chongqing University, and co-operating foreign institutions University of Reading, University of Cambridge, Universiy of Loughborough, University College London, Rutgers University, University of Cincinnati, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and Victoria University of Wellingdon plus others. On 24th Dec 2015, the Ministry of Education has approved to support the construction of the Joint International Research Laboratory.

The Joint International Research Laboratory is working in full with national development strategies for ‘greenization’, energy efficiency and emission reduction, and cooperation, and has formed three research areas including improvement of green performance and indoor environment, construction safety and ‘greenzation’, and urban ecology recovery. The Joint International Research Laboratory conducts research to solve problems in the process of urbanization, like low efficiency of energy utilization, poor indoor environment, construction accident frequency, wastages, deterioration of the water environment and damage to the urban ecosystems. The Joint International Research Laboratory has built an open international communication network of experts, formed communication links between domestic and international research organisations and established personnel training systems. Achievements include a series of forums by internationally famous lecturers, international accreditation, international academic communication, certificated international conferences, collaborative research and other links. Also included are courses taught in English which provide a highly effective platform for comunication. Significant findings in terms of scientific research have been achieved since 2003 through a talented research team supported by academic collaboration and international personnel training.

The Joint International Research Laboratory aims at guiding the development of green building and built environment research whose outcomes will support the design and construction of high quality international buildings and infrastructure. It will bring green building and built environment research to the forefront of scientific research, obtaining first-class achievements in basic research and new innovation; building work environments for international first-class talents in this field, developing the leading talents outstanding innovation; producing high quality innovative people, becoming an academic center for international cooperation and information exchange in the field of green building through an efficient and effective operational platform.

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