CQU upholds the schooling mission to “Conduct rigorous research, Cultivate talents, Enlighten masses, and Guide the revitalization of the society”, in an effort to consolidate foundation for scientific research, create a encouraging scientific research environment. It has developed remarkable scientific research strength, cultivated a great number of scientific research elites and made considerable contribution to the technological and scientific innovation and progress of the country and the nation.

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Research Center for Business Administration and Economic Development of Chongqing University

It was built up utilizing resources of the School of Economics and Business Administration. In March 2003, it was listed as one of the key research bases for humanities and social sciences of Chongqing. The Research Center has 3 main research areas in response to the need of disciplinary development and the national and local economic development: theoretical and applied research of economic growth and sustainable development, finance and investment and financing decisions and enterprise development and innovation research. Since it was approved to be established, the Research Center has been carrying out high-level researches of critical theoretical and practical problems with social and economic development of Chongqing and academic frontier problems. It has been playing a significant role in producing innovative outcomes, building open platforms for academic exchange, and driving development and innovation of philosophy and social science in colleges and universities of Chongqing.

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