CQU is now making efforts to build it into the best university for development of outstanding talents by implementing annual salary system, offering initial funding, expediting reform of personnel system, establishing reasonable evaluation system, building reasonable promotion system and establishing reasonable compensation system. We expect those ambitious men with dreams to joins us.



1. Office of Human Resources, Chongqing University

Contact: Mr. Lv       Ms. Zhang

Telephone: +86(0)2365112823   +86(0)2365102375

E-mail: cquzhaopin@cqu.edu.cn

Address: Room 315, Administration Building, Chongqing University, No. 174 Shapingba Main Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing

Zip code: 400044

2. HR Officers of Colleges

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Colleges & Centers


School of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Yang Qianfeng    65678569            cqucfl@cqu.edu.cn

College of Arts

Shi Qin               65678206             ysyb@cqu.edu.cn

School of Sports Education

Li Yong              65102594             tyxyyb@cqu.edu.cn

Meishi Film Academy

Wu Sanguo         65111909             wsg@cqu.edu.cn

School of   International Education

Long Qinghui      65111067             qhlong@cqu.edu.cn

Institute for Advanced Studies on Humanities and Social   Sciences

Xia Lulu             65106866             luciaxia@cqu.edu.cn

Faculty of Social Sciences

Colleges & Centers


School of Public Affairs

Li Likun             65102591            cquggrc@cqu.edu.cn

School of Economy and Business Management

Hu Li                65102571             huli@cqu.edu.cn

School of Journalism   and Communication

Gong Bing         65678268             wenxin@cqu.edu.cn

Law   School

Liu Qing            86661060             cqulaw@cqu.edu.cn

Marxist   Theory Teaching & Research Institute

Li Likun            65102591             cquggrc@cqu.edu.cn

Faculty of Science

Colleges & Centers


College of Mathematics and Statistics

Wang Hao        65678180              vinca@cqu.edu.cn

College of Physics

Wei Juan          65678362               weijuan@cqu.edu.cn

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Qin Bin            65678931               qinbin1972@163.com

Bioengineering College

Liu Xiaohong    65102507               bio@cqu.edu.cn

School of Life Sciences

Gao Dinglun     65678491               gaodinglun@163.com

IDRC Innovative Drug Center

Cai Hui            65678450               caihui@cqu.edu.cn

Modern Physics Center

Hu Bingquan    13908362585          bqhu@cqu.edu.cn

Faculty of Engineering

Colleges & Centers


School of Mechanical Engineering

Liu Xiaorong    65105089                lxr1219@cqu.edu.cn

School of Electrical Engineering

Zou Lin           65102432                zoulin@cqu.edu.cn

College of Power Engineering

Zeng Li           65102473                alic5@cqu.edu.cn

College of Resources and Environmental   Science

Wang Xi          65105093                wx0116@cqu.edu.cn

College of Material Science and Engineering

Mao Hongxia  65127306                 clxydw@cqu.edu.cn

College of Aerospace Engineering

Liu Chang       65102510                 lucianolc@cqu.edu.cn

College of Automotive Engineering

Zhao Yunfeng  65106192                yfzhao@cqu.edu.cn

National Key Lab for Mechanical Transmission

Tan Hui           65106195                slmt@cqu.edu.cn

Faculty of Architecture

Colleges & Centers


College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Tao Tao            65120701                469398281@qq.com

School of Civil Engineering

Chen Peizhi      65121983                xm820@qq.com

School of Urban Construction and   Environmental Engineering

Tian Wen         65120752                tianwen@cqu.edu.cn

College of Construction Management and Real   Estate

Hu Nan           65120845                 2364196988@qq.com

Faculty of Information Science

Colleges & Centers


College of Optoelectronic Engineering

Chen Tao        65111178               gdchentao@cqu.edu.cn

College of Communication Engineering

Wang Jing       65103544               wangjingcqu@cqu.edu.cn

College of Computer Science

Shen Weijie     65111874               swj@cqu.edu.cn

School of Automation

Li Jia, Zhu Manqin   65112173       lijia60@cqu.edu.cn

School of Software Engineering

Zhang Xiaolan, Gao Min  65678333   xlz@cqu.edu.cn

Independent Center

Colleges & Centers


Center for Communication, Measurement and Control

Liao Yong      13650546326           liaoy@cqu.edu.cn