CQU upholds the schooling mission to “Conduct rigorous research, Cultivate talents, Enlighten masses, and Guide the revitalization of the society”, in an effort to consolidate foundation for scientific research, create a encouraging scientific research environment. It has developed remarkable scientific research strength, cultivated a great number of scientific research elites and made considerable contribution to the technological and scientific innovation and progress of the country and the nation.

Research Overview

Research Overview

The scientific researches of Chongqing University encompass the entire range of natural science and humanities & social sciences, including science, engineering, economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, education, medicine and arts. More than 4,000 teachers are engaged in scientific research, among which there are 7 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 9 talents under the National Special Support Program for High-level Talents, 30 experts under the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 4 chief scientists under the “973” Program, 7 young and middle-aged experts with prominent contribution on the national level, 70 experts receiving the government special allowance, 26 scholars under the “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, 16 winners of the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 21 candidates for the National “One Hundred, One Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Program”, 5 winners of science and technology award for Chinese young people, 2 talents under the “Four-Batch” Initiative, and more than 240 candidates for the key talent programs of the ministerial and municipal level. In addition, there are 3 innovative research groups under the National Natural Science Foundation and 7 innovation teams under the Ministry of Education, as well as more than 20 innovation teams in key areas under the Ministry of Science and Technology, national defense innovation teams and innovation teams in colleges and universities of Chongqing.

Chongqing University has 3 national key labs, 1 national engineering and technological research center, 1 collaborative innovation center under the National “2011 Program”, 7 key labs (engineering research center) under the Ministry of Education, 2 joint labs for international cooperation, 1 lab for key disciplines of national defense, and 4 disciplinary innovation and intelligence introduction bases in colleges and universities under the Ministry of Education (the “111 Program”).

Chongqing University has been actively carrying out various scientific researches, and has seen considerable achievements in those researches. From 2011 to 2017, Chongqing University undertook more than 4,800 projects, including national major special projects, key projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, those supported by the National Social Science Foundation, those under the National Key R&D Program, “973 Program”, “863 Program”, and National Sci-Tech Support Plan, as well as scientific research projects in the military and defense industry and other projects of the ministerial and provincial level. The total amount of scientific research fund amounted up to 5.469 billion yuan. Apart from this, Chongqing University has won 281 science and technology awards of the national level and ministerial and provincial level, including 14 national science and technology awards, and 35 first prizes for science and technology of the ministerial and provincial level. It has been granted 3,579 patents for invention, and published 26,765 SCIE and EI indexed papers. In particular, 2,768 papers are included in Areas 1 and 2 of SCIE.

Chongqing University has always taken the initiative to negotiate international cooperation in science and technology, and has been maintaining a cooperation relation with 124 reputable colleges and universities in 20 countries like the USA, the UK, France, Germany and Russia, and foreign companies and research institutions like Rockwell, Microsoft, RNYC, Siemens, Tokyo Foundation and Meishi Power Group of Hong Kong. With those partners, Chongqing University has been carrying out extensive cooperative scientific researches, with remarkable achievements attained.

The University has embarked on a new journey and made new plans at the beginning of the new era. In response to the national strategy that highlights development driven by innovation, Chongqing University has been concentrating efforts on the “Double-First-Rate” construction and created new modes of scientific research organizations and built up the “1+5” innovation system of scientific research.

One scientific research management organization: The “Scientific and Technological Development Research Institute” has been established to provide refined management and precise service, allow the scientific researches to serve the major national and local strategic demands better and solve major frontier problems on the international level. In addition, it will also be fully utilized in improving the University’s scientific innovation capacity and speed up the “Double-First-Rate” construction of Chongqing University.

Five scientific research entities:

Frontier Interdisciplinary Research Institute: It has been established out of the traditional department and school system and disciplinary classification, in response to the major demand of China, main economic battlefields and the world science and technology frontier. It will introduce top talents from all over the world to carry out innovative and forward-looking researches, cultivate major original innovation projects and incubate major projects and major scientific and technological achievements. Furthermore, it will be devoted to fostering talents in innovation and build disciplinary advantages and characteristics, and ultimately play a leading role in the world arena.

Industrial Technology Research Institute:It is jointly built up by Chongqing University and the People’s Government of Jiulongpo District as an independent legal public institution. Its personnel and technology are provided by Chongqing University, and the premise and fund provided by Jiulongpo District. Innovation has been made in terms of system and mechanism and breakthrough has been made in achievement transformation. Teachers of Chongqing University may set up R&D teams to expand on promising achievements. A specialized team of the institute will be responsible for market operation, so as to ensure specialized persons are not distracted by other affairs, and ensure unobstructed achievement transformation for scientific researchers.

To meet the national and local needs, the Advanced Technology Research Institute and the Research Institute for Architectural Planning and Design of Chongqing University have been built up. The two have been collaborating with the local government as an industrial technology research institute, and set up the Design and Creation Industry Park of Chongqing University and Collaborative Innovation Research Institute for Military and Civilian Integration, so as to constantly enhance its regional service capacity.

International Joint Research Institute: Chongqing University is now preparing to establish the International Joint Research Institute in collaboration with Liangjiang New Area, which is centered around a scientific and technological innovation team with core competitiveness. It will undertake cooperative scientific and technological innovation projects on the international level, and create a number of high-standard platforms for scientific and technological innovation. Its mission is to bring about key common-technology achievements that will lead the industrial development and expedite transformation of core technologies at home and abroad.