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First-publish Ceremony of He Lu’s Calligraphy & He Lu's Poetry and Calligraphy Exhibition, and Lifetime Picture Exhibition in Memory of Master He's Life's 123rd Birthday held at CQU

On the 123rd anniversary of He Lu, the fifth president of Chongqing University, the He Lu’s Calligraphy (5 volumes in each set) is published. The First-publish Ceremony of He Lu’s Calligraphy is held in the lecturing hall of the library of Huxi Campus, Chongqing University at 3:00pm on November 8. At the same time, the Power of Merits - Exhibition Series on the Scholars' Elegant Demeanours and the Lifetime Picture Exhibition in Memory of Master He's Life's 123rd Birthday are held at CQU held in the exhibition hall of the library of Huxi Campus. The first-publish ceremony and exhibition are held successfully with support and assistance of the Office of CPC Chongqing University Committee, the President’s Office, the Propaganda Department, the Unified Front Work Department, the Office of Domestic Cooperation and Alumni Work, the library, the archives, Chongqing Yunri Information Co., Ltd., the Reading Club of Chongqing Alumni Association of CQU and Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House. Literary works and real objects that reflect the literary elegance and demeanours have been collected and sorted out for this purpose by the archives in advance.

Meng Weidong, vice president of CQU, He Peiyan, the youngest son of He Lu, the officials of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, Chongqing Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society, some of the cultural committees and education committees of come districts of Chongqing, the history exhibition gallery of China’s democratic parties, middle schools and primary schools founded by He Lu, and Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House, the alumni representatives of CQU, teacher and student representatives of CQU, and the senior scholars studying the poetry and calligraphy of He Lu are all present at the event. The ceremony is presided over by Zhang Chengkang, head of the United Front Work Department of Chongqing University.

Vice President Meng Weidong, receives on behalf of CQU the Interpretation of Infinitesimal Calculus, calligraphy works of He Lu completed in 1915, and the Russian calender used by He Lu for studying Russian when he was 60, donated by He Lu’s son, Mr. He Peiyan. He Peiyan points out in his speech that: Chongqing University has been laying emphasis on inheritance of morality education spirit and the excellent Chinese traditional culture. He extends his gratitude towards Chongqing University for holding this event to promote the scientific and humanistic spirit of Chongqing University scholars of older generations represented by He Lu. He adds that: “Interpretation of Infinitesimal Calculus has been written for more than 100 years, and the handwriting, which looks like it was printed, shows the hard-working attitude of my father at the University of Lyon. The notebook is also a historic evidence of young Chinese people learning scientific and cultural knowledge in the west. The Russian calender bears thickly dotted Chinese characters, which are translations taken down by my father when he was learning Russian at the age of 60. I would like to donate them to Chongqing University, so that the younger generations will be able to experience the rigorous educational philosophy and spirit of Chongqing  University scholars of older generations.”

Ma Xiaofeng, president of Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House, says that: “As a publisher, it is our responsibility to promote studies of Chinese ancient civilization. The books are now eventually published with unremitting efforts of Mr. He Peiyan. I hope that the readers interested in calligraphy and traditional culture will like them.” Liu Yong, secretary general of the Reading Club of Alumni Association of CQU, adds that: “He Lu had practiced the motto of Chongqing University to ‘tolerate hardworking, uphold simplicity, pursue knowledge and love country’ and acted as an exemplary person all his life. As a student of Chongqing  University, I’m deeply impressed.” Huang Zihua, chairman of Chongqing Yunri Information Co., Ltd., points out that: “I’m touched, and I feel grateful and inspired as an alumnus of Chongqing University. I’m touched by the remarkable achievements made by Mr. He Lu in cross-boundary and inter-disciplinary integration; I’m grateful for being invited to the event and I hope that CQU students will carry forward the spirit of Mr. He Lu, study hard and make contributions to the country; Yunri Group and Zaiying Middle School will participate in co-holding of the calligraphy works donation, and do their part in promoting the spirit of He Lu.” Yang Kaikui, full-time vice chairperson of Chongqing Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society says that: “He Lu had participated in the whole process of founding of Jiusan Society, and acted as the supervisor of the founding meeting of Jiusan Society. He definitely pointed out his views against ‘civil war, dictatorship and oppression’, and had made considerable contributions to construction of the democratic front. This event is meaningful, and is a grand occasion of the cultural circle of Chongqing.”

Meng Weidong, vice president of Chongqing University, extends his sincere welcome and gratitude to all guests attending the meeting. He points out that: “This is the first year of building of ‘Double-First-Rate’ university and construction of the ‘13th Five-year Plan’, and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has just been brought to a successful close. This event is not only a grand occasion to exhibit the poetry and calligraphy works of former president He Lu. It is also an important event for us to respond to the call of the 19th National Congress to consolidate cultural confidence and inherit excellent traditional culture. It also demonstrates the patriotism, ethics of the teaching profession, rigorous educational philosophy, devotion to education, and inquiring spirit of Chongqing University scholars of older generations.”

The Exhibition displays 36 pieces of authentic works of He Lu, including Sitishushi, Lament on Marshal Chen Yi, and Preface of Buddha in the Tang Dynasty. In particular, the calligraphic works like One Thousand Character Primer in Traditional Cursive Script and Thirty-seven Pieces of Mao Zedong's Poetry are displayed for the first time. The Exhibition shows the erudition of He Lu, who had integrated various elements in one piece of works and managed to epitomize all in one, with “mightiness”, delicacy and elegance evidently expressed. In addition, the 100-sentence poetry by He Lu and Wang Yunfan for the recital of panorama of the Three Gorges is also exhibited. The poetry is fluent, natural, and refreshing, with elegant and firm antithesis and magnificent conception, and reflects the brilliant personality and dignified moral quality of Mr. He Lu.

The Lifetime Picture Exhibition in Memory of Master He's Life's 123rd Birthday held at CQU includes several chapters, including the Heart of a Child, the Dream for Truth, Talent Education, Affection for the Country and Democracy. The Exhibition shows the history of He Lu’s life from 1912 when he set off for France to 1919 when he came back and got engaged in teaching and reflects his patriotism, professional ethics, remarkable scientific attainments, and dignified morality. Throughout his life, He had believed that China would be powerful and the people would be benefited through education. The majority of the pictures are devoted to the 20 years when he served in Chongqing University, as well as the great contribution he had made to development and construction of Chongqing University. He was appointed as the first dean of the School of Science of CQU in 1932; in 1950, he was appointed as the first president of CQU after founding of new China ; and in 1952, he left CQU.

First-publish Ceremony of He Lu’s Calligraphy & He Lu's Poetry and Calligraphy Exhibition, and Lifetime Picture Exhibition in Memory of Master He's Life's 123rd Birthday are held at CQU to allow the teachers and students to comprehend the life of former president He Lu and his connections with science and art. He Lu had been sticking to the philosophy of teaching and influencing people with literature. His dignified personality, profound knowledge, and significant poetry and artistic attainments are leading the students and teachers to be inclusive, honest and passionate for truth, so as to become a firm believer of socialist core values, a model practitioner and an active promoter.

The Exhibition will be held from November 8 to 24. Students and teachers and social persons may visit the Exhibition at the exhibition hall of the library of Huxi Campus.