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13th Committee Meeting of ISO/TC 159/SC 5 Held in Chongqing

The 13th Committee Meeting of ISO/TC 159/SC 5 co-organized by Chongqing University and China National Institute of Standardization and the meeting of subordinate working groups are held at Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing on November 7-11, 2017. Professor Ken Parsons (doubling as the responsible person of the 4th Working Group), former vice president of Loughborough University and chairman of ISO/TC 159/SC 5 Committee, Doctor Simon Hodder from the UK (the designated chairman of the next session), Mr. Amit Patel, secretary of ISO/TC 159/SC 5, Professor Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, the representative from the USA, Professor Shin-ichi Sawada, the Japanese representative, Doctor Nana Itoh (the responsible person for the 5th Working Group), Professor Ken Sagawa, Doctor Watanabe, Doctor Jørn Toftum, the Danish representative (responsible person of the First Working Group), Professor Björn Nilsson, the Swedish representative, Professor Li Baizhan, the Chinese representative, Researcher Zhao Chaoyi from China National Institute of Standardization, Associate Researcher Ran Linghua and Associate Researcher Wang Rui all attend the Meeting. Other attendants include experts and scholars from National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the related industries, Professor Yao Runming, an expert under the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, Professor Liu Hong, Doctor Cheng Yong, Doctor Jiang Yanxue and some of the postgraduate students from the School of Urban    Construction and Environmental Engineering. Chen Ting, deputy director of the International Affairs Office of Chongqing University, attends the closing ceremony of the Meeting.


The Meeting lasts 5 days and includes the Meeting of the Fourth Working Group (WG4), the Meeting of the Fifth Working Group (WG5), the Meeting of the First Working Group (WG1), and the plenary session (SC 5) held successively. In particular, the Meeting of the Fifth Working Group (WG5) and the Meeting of the First Working Group (WG1) respectively last half a day.

Professor Ken Parsons, the former vice president of Loughborough   University and chairman of the ISO/TC 159/SC 5 Committee, chairs the Meeting.


Professor Li Baizhan from Chongqing University delivers a speech titled Introduction of Thermal Comfort Research in China. In the speech, Professor Li focuses on the research efforts and achievements made by China , in particular by Chongqing University, in creation and evaluation of dynamic thermal environment, and the national standard Evaluation Standard for Indoor Thermal Environment in Civil Buildings (GB/T 50785-2012) edited by Chongqing   University and promulgated in 2012 and other related achievements. The research efforts and achievements made by Chongqing University and Chinese scholars in thermal and humid environment and human thermal comfort are highly appreciated by the experts at the Meeting. The Working Group suggests to the SC5 Committee that Professor Li Baizhan act as the lead to establish new ISO standard.


At the SC5 Plenary Session held on November 11, the revision project of standards such as ISO 16418, ISO 8996, ISO 7730 and ISO 7726 are approved to be established. At the same time, a decision has been passed to appoint Professor Li Baizhan of Chongqing University to lead the development of a new ISO standard for thermal environment creation and evaluation. In addition, the progress report for standard revision and other working proposals have also been delivered at the Meeting. At the end, Doctor Simon Hodder from Loughborough   University is appointed as the next chairman of ISO/TC 159/SC 5 (Professor Ken Parsons has acted as the chairman for 9 years, which is the longest tenure allowed). Doctor Jørn Toftum from Technical University of Denmark, Professor Ken Parsons from Loughborough University and Doctor Nana Itoh from Japanese Industrial Standards Committee are respectively re-elected as the responsible persons of WG1, WG4 and WG5. The agenda of the Meeting has been completed. At the meeting held at 5:00pm, Professor Ken Parsons announces a successful ending of ISO/TC 159/SC 5 Meeting.

Group photo of the attendant representatives