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International Forum of Chongqing University for Outstanding Young Talents held by CQU

On November 25, 2017, as part of the “Double-First-Rate” construction, the “Foreign and Domestic Outstanding Young Scholar Forum” opens at the Science Building of Huxi Campus, Chongqing University. More than 170 outstanding young scholars from 19 countries and regions, including the USA , the UK , Japan , Australia and Singapore , have attended the Forum to have academic exchange and seek for joint development. The Forum lasts for 2 days and includes 1 main forum and 21 sub-forums. After the main forum ends, the faculties attend the sub-forums to carry out further academic exchange.

Zhou Xun, secretary of CPC Chongqing University Committee, Yang Dan, managing vice president of CQU, Qin Zhengjie, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, Zhang Yide, director of the Talent Office of the Organization Department of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, Jiang Yunfang, director of the Office of Science and Technology of Chongqing Education Commission, Sun Chenghao, director of the Office of Human Resources Market of Chongqing Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, and the responsible persons of the functional departments, faculties and schools of Chongqing University and some students and teachers are present at the Forum. Wang Shilong, vice president of CQU, presides over the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Zhou Xun delivers a welcome speech on behalf of Chongqing University and extends his sincere welcome and gratitude towards the officials, honored guests and young scholars attending the Forum. Zhou Xun points out that the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasizes the importance of talents and states that “talents are the strategic resources to rejuvenate the nations and gain initiative for international competition”. The Forum displays the determination of Chongqing  University to implement the intelligence introduction program. Chongqing University was lately included in the world-first-rate university construction program of the Ministry of Education (type-A). This is a development opportunity for Chongqing University, and is also the deployment and requirements of the state government for the future development of the University. Zhou Xun adds that it is the long-cherished wish of the Chongqing University people in all ages to build the University into a world-first-rate university with Chinese characteristics, and is also a burden on the Chongqing University people of the current generation. In June 2017, Chongqing University held the Talent Working Meeting to enhance the deployment of talent related work, and devote the University to working with the municipal government to create an encouraging development environment for talents, and continue to deepen the reform of talent mechanism and system, thus building up a bigger stage for talent cultivation and development. Zhou ends his speech with the appeal: “The 19th National Congress of CPC called for rapid construction of China into an innovation-oriented country. Now we have entered a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. I hope the young scholars could take this historic opportunity to make contributions to development of Chongqing University.”

Yang Dan gives an introduction to the basic condition of Chongqing University in his speech. He points out that the Forum is intended to serve as a platform for outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to have a close and all-round look at Chongqing  University, and it aims to encourage more outstanding young talents to be part of the construction course of the world-first-rate university. Yang stresses that talents are the foundation for development of a university and the source for prosperity. Chongqing University will implement the talents developing strategy to “cultivate the first-rate talents and build the first-rate university”. Yang expresses his hope that the young scholars could join Chongqing University, and build it into a world-first-rate university with Chinese characteristics.

Qin Zhengjie congratulates on the success of the Forum on behalf of the Education Working Committee of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee and Chongqing Education Commission and extends his sincere welcome to the young talents coming from all over the world. He states in his speech that this Forum plays a positive role in discipline integration, combination scientific and technological innovation and development and international communication and cooperation. According to the overall deployment of the state government, Chongqing is carrying forward the “Double-First-Rate” construction in stages. Service development requires the leadership of talents and the “Double-First-Rate” construction requires expedited cultivation and introduction of first-rate scientists, disciplinary leaders and innovation teams that are active on the international academic frontier and meet the national major strategic requirements. Chongqing will further enhance public service and improve the policy and systems, and work with colleges and universities to create a more favorable environment for growth and development of various types of talents and encourage the talents all over the world to build a brilliant future for the new era and to make contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

After the opening ceremony, the representatives of international outstanding scholars successively deliver the academic speeches at the main forum. The representation part is chaired by Deng Shaojiang, director of the Human Resources Office of Chongqing University. Professor Hu Ning, an expert under the “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” from Chongqing University delivers a keynote speech titled “multi-scale simulation of piezoresistance performance of nanocomposite and its application in strain sensor”. Professor Liu Yufei, one of the “Young Thousand Talents Program Scholars” from Chongqing University, delivers a keynote speech titled “integrated micro-system technology applied to early diagnosis and precision treatment”. Professor Li Yang under the “One-Hundred Talents Program” from Chongqing  University states in his speech that the benzene ring structure is in wide existence in the natural products and drug molecular structure in the nature and the effective synthesis of multi-substituted benzene has already been a key research area of the synthesis chemists and the pharmaceutical chemists. Doctor Li Qi, a power system engineer from UK National Grid gives an introduction to the major scientific research project for the national grid of the UK he has undertaken during his doctoral and post-doctoral period in a speech titled “research of audible noise from the overhead transmission line”. Doctor Li Gefei from the Tohoku University gives an introduction to the development history of glycoscience, and the main challenges and possible solutions. Doctor Chen Yan from the Arizona State University gives an introduction to the research of safety, automatic driving and energy optimization of automobiles.

After the main forum, the University introduces the talent introduction policy, scientific research platform and academic literature resource in the library of Chongqing University to the attending young scholars. Yang Chun, director of the Talent Introduction Office and deputy director of the Human Resource Office, introduces the basic condition, talent introduction policy and treatment, and the recruitment system of “One-hundred Talents Program” of Chongqing University. Zhou Xiaoyuan, a scholar under the “One-hundred Talents Program”, gives an introduction to the basic condition of the Analyzing and Testing Center of the University. Huang Tianlin, the deputy director of the Electron Microscope Center, gives brief introduction to the Center. Yang Xinya, the librarian of the library, gives an introduction to the basic condition and academic resources of the library of CQU.


The “International Forum of Chongqing University for Outstanding Young Talents” is held by Chongqing University in an effort to provide an academic exchange platform for international outstanding scholars and a platform for them to establish material contact and partnership with the University. The Forum includes themed representations, academic discussion, cooperation exchange, visit and panel discussion, through which the attendants share their wisdom and generate new ideas.

It was proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of CPC that talents are the strategic resources for China to realize national rejuvenation and gain initiative for international competition. Young talents stand for the innovation force of a country and are the main driving factor of scientific development. Chongqing University, as a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, and a type-A university included in the First-Rate Program, will take the talents developing strategy as its priority strategy. After closing of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the University printed and issued CPC Chongqing University Committee: Several Opinions on Enhancing Talent Related Work in an All-round Manner of Chongqing University, in an effort to unify the ideology, stimulate vitality of talents, and create a talent development atmosphere and resource guarantee system that are “satisfactory to insiders and appealing to outsiders”, where the outstanding talents are allowed to exert their advantages and make contributions to construction of Chongqing University into a world-first-rate university with Chinese characteristics. When it comes to specific work of talent introduction, Chongqing University highlights “top-grade, precision, advanced and scarce talents” and is implementing the “Intelligence Introduction Plan” and refining the “One-hundred Talents Program”. To this end, it has set up oversea talent introduction work stations and is now holding the Forum to attract talents to join the construction.

It is reported that the municipality of Chongqing is concentrating efforts on talent attraction, retention and utilization. In response to the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and reinvigorating China through human resource development proposed at the 19th National Congress of CPC, the municipality of Chongqing has collected and listened to opinions and suggestion of various sources and has developed the “strategic plan for rejuvenating the city through science and education and reinvigorating Chongqing through human resource development”, and has launched the “Aspiring Talents Program” to attract international talents to Chongqing, and introduce scarce and high-end talents from home and abroad, as the talent and intelligence support for development of key industries of Chongqing. At the same time, the municipality has also introduced several preferential policies to introduce talents. Specific measures taken by the municipality include optimizing talent service, building up public service platforms, implementing the talent service card system and offering residence visa, settle-in allowance and employment and education services for the spouses and children for introduced talents. In addition, the Forum currently being held also serves as a new channel to publicize Chongqing and attract talents. Chongqing enjoys dominant advantages and has a key strategic position in the national innovation-driven development strategy, and therefore needs to attract and gather more young talents with considerable achievements in their respective study areas, and provide talent support for development of key industries of Chongqing, thus lading a solid talent foundation for realizing the “Two-Century Goals”, and bringing about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.