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Technical Seminar on Future Space Network held at CQU

On April 13, 2018, the Technical Seminar on Future Space Network sponsored by Science and Technology Committee of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, guided by State Key Laboratory of Space-Ground Integrated Information Technology, and jointly organized by the Advanced Technology Research Institute of Chongqing University and the Communication Satellite Business Department of China Academy of Space Technology is held in Conference Room 506, Main Teaching Building of Chongqing University. Nearly 60 experts and representatives from various colleges and universities of China and China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation including Zhou Zhicheng, Wang Wei, Bao Weimin and Yin Hao, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other experts and representatives such as Yang Dan, managing vice president of Chongqing University, Yang Shizhong, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Xie Gengxin, president of Advanced Technology Research Institute and deputy director of the Deep Space Exploration Center of the Ministry of Education are all present at the Seminar. Academician Zhou Zhicheng presides over the Seminar.

This Seminar is attended by 5 academicians.


Yang Dan, managing vice president of Chongqing University points out that Chongqing University has been paying high attention to national defense scientific research and has traditional disciplinary advantages in the national defense area. The University has been taking the military and civil integration and collaborative innovation as two key driving forces of “Double-First-Rate” construction. Yang attributes the achievements made by Chongqing University in the aerospace area in recent years greatly to the substantial support and assistance provided by the officials, experts and associate organizations. At present, in the process of building Chongqing  University into a world first-rate university with Chinese characteristics, we should attach even greater importance to development of aerospace area. He hopes that Chongqing University would be able to cooperate with the attending organizations and make unremitting efforts to realize the space dream, army dream and Chinese dream, and create a new situation of China ’s space sector.

Managing Vice President Yang Dan is delivering a welcome speech.


Liang Zongchuang, deputy head of the Communication Satellite Business Department of China Academy of Space Technology, gives an introduction to the background of space technology research and engineering construction of China at present in his speech delivered later. Currently, China currently has no satellite constellation that is in the on-orbit operation. As a result, the network security is not secured and we would be put into the passive position in critical moments.

Liang Zongchuang, deputy head of the Communication Satellite Business Department of China Academy of Space Technology, is delivering a speech.


We must build a safe and reliable space network system that covers the entire globe and meets the requirement for civil and military integration and that is independently controllable. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation will integrate the current network elements and carry out demonstration and scheme design of global satellite mobile communication and space internet system with national demand as the strategic locating point, commercial demand as the industrial growing point and technological innovation as the commanding heights of science and technology. The forces of the entire country should be mobilized to develop the space network technology.


At the seminar, Chen Dong from the Communication Satellite Business Department of China Academy of Space Technology, Sheng Min from Xidian University, Huang Tao from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chai Yi from Chongqing University, Zhan Yafeng from Tsinghua University and Wang Jian from Nanjing University respectively give an introduction to related technical problems with the space network communication.


In the afternoon, the experts and representatives present have heated discussion over the technical problems with network space communication proposed in the morning. At last, Academician Bao Weimin makes summary of the Seminar: The space network system is characterized by high degree of civil and military integration, advanced technology and diversified functions and solid foundation and high starting point. However, technical issues such as optimization of network architecture to match the ground system, system management design for effective moving, formulation of communication protocol compatible with various services and cost control in accordance with the operation period. Bao Weimin concludes that he now has a preliminary understanding of the research progress of the related problems based on the introduction given by the organizations and sister universities and the future research and application will be well-grounded.