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2018 Spring On-campus Job Fair held by Chongqing University

From April 9 to 13, 2018, Chongqing University 2018 On-campus Job Fair is going on at the Recruitment Hall, 1/F, Main Teaching Building, Campus A. University officials including Zhou Xun, secretary of CPC Chongqing University Committee, Zhang Zongyi, president of CQU, Wang Xu, deputy secretary of CPC CQU Committee, and Yu Yue, director of Chongqing Employment Guidance Service Center for College Graduates are successively present at the Job Fair to offer guide.


In response to the national demand and serve the national development strategy, in consideration of the needs of CQU graduates, the Employment Center has conducted several coordination meetings to coordinate the Job Fair, with deliberate planning made with respect to organization selection, site layout, security guard and atmosphere creation; eventually invitations were sent to more than 350 high quality enterprises and public institutions represented by China Academy of Engineering Physics. Those enterprises and public institutions offer jobs to CQU graduates in areas such as military industry, internet, manufacturing industry, education, real estate industry and retail sales industry. More than 6,500 students within and without Chongqing University have participated in the Job Fair.

 (Photo: Job Fair)


Officials of the University attach great importance to the Job Fair. On the afternoon of April 12, Zhou Xun, accompanied by Wang Xu, pays a visit to the exhibition booths of the employers. Zhou Xun talks directly to the responsible persons of some exhibitors in front of their booths and asks about the recruitment affairs, and discusses with the responsible persons regarding the industrial demand, talent cultivation of Chongqing University and university-industry cooperation. At last, Zhou extends his sincere gratitude to the employers and all sectors of the society for their care about CQU graduates and substantial support given to the employment work of Chongqing University. Besides, Zhou listens to the report on conscription propaganda delivered by the national defense students of CQU of 2014 at the Conscription Propaganda Booth, and commends them for their “dedication to the army and the country”.

 (Photo: Zhou Xun is inspecting the Job Fair.)


On April 10, Zhang Zongyi, accompanied by Zhang Hongchun, visits and inspects the Job Fair and communicates amicably with student applicants. He stresses that the graduates should “be humble” and should start from the grassroots level, so as to lay a solid foundation for their development career. Only the management with grassroots work experience can really achieve something. Zhang Zongyi encourages the graduates to “keep the sense of national responsibility and national honor in mind and make contributions in areas where they can best exert their advantages and meet the demands of the country, and do something for prospering and thriving of China. They should find a balance between the country and family and carry out their aspirations”

 (Photo: Zhang Zongyi is inspecting the Job Fair.)


On April 9, Wang Xu visits the Job Fair to learn about how the recruitment is going on and to encourage the graduates. Wang Xu asks the recruitment representatives of the enterprises about their recruitment plan and demand and asks them to offer some opinions and suggestions on the talent cultivation and employment guide and service work of the University. Wang extends his sincere gratitude to the employers for their care about CQU students and substantial support given to the employment of those graduates on behalf of Chongqing University. He also congratulates graduates who have been offered a job and asks them to keep in mind they are no longer students and they should get adapted to the professional environment.

 (Photo: Wang Xu is asking the employer representatives about the recruitment.)


The Job Fair also draws attention of Chongqing Employment Guidance Service Center for College Graduates. On April 11, Yu Yue appears at the Job Fair personally. He points out that the Job Fair is deliberately organized, well guided and properly served. The employment situation is promising this year. Both the number of employers and quality of posts offered by the enterprises improved a lot. The fresh graduates should seize the opportunity and try to find the most suitable jobs for them where they can practice what they have learnt.

 (Photo: Yu Yue is talking amicably with the employer representatives.)


At the Job Fair, the Chongqing Employment Guidance Service Center for College Graduates sets up a special counter for employment guidance in collaboration with “Fengfei Studio”. A number of experts in employment guidance from Chongqing University and other universities are invited to “offer one-to-one guidance” to CQU graduates with respect to their resumes. The special counter has helped more than 150 students modify and improve their resumes and enhance their competitiveness in finding a job. The special counter is very popular among the graduates and is well received by them. On April 11, People’s Daily 21st Edition covers this activity under the title “Guiding self-representation and improving chance of job hunting success” and approves the precise employment guidance provided by Chongqing University.

 (Photo: People’s Daily covers the “Resume Guidance”.)


Student reporters have interviewed some of the employer representatives. In particular, the representative of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. points out that the quality of talent cultivation of Chongqing University is satisfactory, and the CQU graduates of previous years have been growing very fast after employed. The representative expresses her hope that more excellent CQU graduates could join their company. The representative of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. indicates that the comprehensive quality of CQU graduates is quite good and the employment service of CQU is very precise.

(Photo: The employer representatives are being interviewed by a student reporter.)


A senior student of the School of Mechanical Engineering is interviewed by the student reporter. The senior student is very delighted to find that a number of enterprises at the Job Fair meet her expectation in terms of geological location, discipline matching degree and salary package. She adds that she has submitted more than 10 resumes at the Job Fair and hopes that she could find a good job.

 (Photo: A graduate is being interviewed.)


The Job Fair has drawn substantial support from the Publicizing Department, the Students Work Department, the Postgraduate Work Department, and the Security Department of CPC CQU Committee, the Informationization Office, the Health Service Center of Chongqing University and the Chongqing Alumni Association of Chongqing University. The workers of those departments are present to coordinate the Job Fair and strengthen the logistics services. Volunteers in “red vests” are also deployed at the Job Fair to provide services for the graduates and employers. The workers on site are working scrupulously to maintain a good order. The Job Fair has been going on in an animated, well-ordered and planned manner. The field survey shows that the overall satisfaction degree of participant enterprises to the services at the Job Fair is 95.50% and the overall satisfaction degree of students is 94.18%.

 (Photo: Students enter the Job Fair as guided by volunteers.)


In recent years, to improve the quality of CQU graduates and get them fully prepared for employment, Chongqing University has been attaching great importance to the career development and employment guidance of students. It is stressed that the career planning education and employment guidance of students should be included as a part of talent cultivation. The students have been actively offering classified guidance to students. For first year and second year students, the focus is put on career planning education, and enlightenment of awareness of vocational development and career planning. They are guided to set up an ambitious worldly goal and career objective according to the national demand and social development and their driving force of learning is stimulated. For third year and fourth year students, the focus is put on employment guiding activities aimed at improving their professional quality and job hunting ability and their competitiveness in finding a job is enhanced. Chongqing University is concentrating efforts on building up a long-term mechanism that encourages the students to start their job career from the grassroots by giving full play to Internet + and strengthening publicizing to ensure full coverage of grassroots employment information; furthermore, the “Finding job hunting starts around us” activity is held to select typical representatives who are doing a great job as grassroots employees, so as to create a favorable public opinion atmosphere; the grassroots employment training camp is held periodically to offer classified guidance to students and improve their grassroots employment capacity. Besides, the “Outstanding Contribution Award” is issued to graduates to choose to work at the grassroots level. Field visit is also paid to those students to know about their work and living conditions. Chongqing University has established a cooperation relation with the organization departments of Chongqing, Sichuan and Jiangsu, in an effort to guide the graduates to work diligently at the grassroots level, and encourage them to go to places where the country and the people really need them.


 (Photography by: Zhu Lei, Shen Zhixiang, Zhang Jinlin, Tian Bin)