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Hungarian Minister of Innovation and Technology visits Chongqing University

Zhang Zongyi, president of Chongqing University, met with a delegation led by Dr. Palkovics Lszl, an MTA fellow and minister of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary on November 7, 2018.

Fig.1 The meeting

At the meeting, Zhang Zongyi extended his warm welcome to Dr. Palkovics Lszl and his companions, and gave a view of the basic information on Chongqing University. He pointed out that Chongqing University is currently engaged in the “Double-First-Rate” construction, in which internationalization is a critical part. He expressed his hope to enhance the cooperation and exchange with the best universities of Hungary in areas such as innovative technology and engineering science and technology, so as to achieve a win-win result. After that, Dr. Palkovics Lszl gave a brief introduction to the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary. He added that development of scientific and technological engineering plays an extremely important role in development of a country, a region and a school, and expressed his hope to further cooperation with China’s colleges and universities, in particular Chongqing University, and his willingness to seek for more cooperation projects with Chongqing University. Dr. Palkovics Lszl sincerely invited Zhang Zongyi to pay a visit to Hungary at a proper time in 2019.


After the meeting, the two parties exchanged gifts and took group photos.

Fig.2 Gift exchange

After that, Dr. Palkovics Lszl came to the International Lecture Hall accompanied by Zhang Zongyi to attend and address the academician forum lecture series named “the global innovation layout of Hungary” as part of the 90th Anniversary of Chongqing University.

Fig.3 President Zhang Zongyi is delivering a speech.

Dr. Palkovics Lszl began his speech with the historic relation between Xiongnu and China, and introduced the audiences to the deployment of innovation strengthening of Hungary. Given the slowdown of world economy, many countries have released “re-industrialization” strategy and the plan to prosper the manufacturing industries, such as Made in China 2025, German Industry 4.0 Program and 34 Plans under the New Industrial Strategy of France. Another industrial revolution has begun. The “Belt and Road” Initiative of China is resulting in industrial upgrading, economic development and further promotion of industrial level of countries along the “Belt and Road”, and is of great significance for the industrialization of the world. Dr. Palkovics Lszl shared the development condition of Hungary in areas such as robot and unmanned cars and other AI technologies or innovative technologies such as communication technology. He stated that Hungary attaches great importance to ITC technology, biological technology, gene and physics. Research, development and innovation are regarded as major policies that are driving the economic and social development of Hungary at present. The implementation of innovation policy is an effective way to improve the innovation capacity and competitiveness of a country. Dr. Palkovics Lszl also expressed his hope that the students would devote themselves to the innovation area and make due contributions to the scientific and technological development of the world in the future. He added that now there are more than 2,000 Chinese students studying in Hungary and hopefully more Chinese students would go to Hungary and study there in the future.

Fig.4 The Minister is delivering a speech.

Students present raised questions with respect to the most possible areas of cooperation between Hungary and Chongqing, and asked for suggestions on major study areas for Chinese students studying in Hungary. Dr. Palkovics Lszl answered these questions in great details. Chinese and foreign students from the School of Automobile Engineering, the School of Automation, the School of Energy and Power Engineering, the School of Electrical Engineering, and the School of International Education were benefited a lot from the lecture, which ended in roars of applause.


Consul General Noland of the Consulate General of Hungary in Chongqing, Commercial Consul Ge Kaida, Science and Technology Specialist Li Li of Embassy of Hungary to China, Daluci Timai’er, assistant to the Minister of Innovation and Technology of Hungary, and Deputy Director Li Lan from the Europe and Africa Division, the Foreign Affairs Office, the People’s Government of Chongqing Municipality were also among the companions. Xu Jun, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Gao Xiang, deputy director of the Office, and other related workers attended the event.