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2018 International Forum for Outstanding Young Talents held by CQU

The “2018 International Forum of Chongqing University for Outstanding Young Talents” opened on the afternoon of November 10, 2018 at the 001 International Academic Lecture Hall, No. 1 Comprehensive Building, Campus B of Chongqing University. More than 150 outstanding young talents from 21 countries and regions such as the USA, UK, Japan, Germany and Singapore are present at the Forum.

Opening of the Forum

Zhou Xun, secretary of CPC CQU Committee, Zhang Zongyi, CQU president, Liao Ruijin, CQU vice president, and responsible persons and student and teacher representatives of related schools attended the opening ceremony. Liao Ruijin presided at the opening ceremony.

Liao Ruijin is presiding at the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Zongyi delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Chongqing University and then delivered a keynote speech. He gave a detailed introduction to the development history, disciplinary characteristics and cultural spirit of Chongqing University, and analyzed the major opportunities and broad prospects in the future development of Chongqing University. After that, Zhang briefly touched on the ideas, thoughts, focus and progress of the “Double-First-Rate” construction of Chongqing University. He stressed that Chongqing University is now in unprecedentedly urgent need of talents, and is hungry for talents. It will further implementation of the strategy of strengthening the university with talents, and will retain talents with encouraging career prospects and environment, and satisfying remuneration. Chongqing University will also expedite the reform and promotion of its personnel and talent system, to create an inspiring atmosphere and environment where talents are respected, cared for and cultivated, and where talents have fair chances of development and grow. Zhang at last sincerely encouraged the outstanding young talents from home and abroad to give an eye to Chongqing University, even join and take root in Chongqing University and become a “striving partner” of the University. With your contribution to the “Double-First-Rate” construction of Chongqing University, we would both have a brilliant future.

Zhang Zongyi is addressing the meeting and delivering a keynote speech.

Li Qi, representative of the 2017 International Forum, shared with the audience how he got to know Chongqing University and decided to work for Chongqing University.


After that, Zhou Xun issued the letter of appointment to Li Qi on behalf of Chongqing University and extended his sincere welcome to him.

Zhou Xun presents Li Qi with the letter of appointment.

After the opening ceremony, Chongqing University specially introduced the young talents to the talent development environment of Chongqing University. Yang Chun, deputy director of the Human Resources Office of Chongqing University, presided at this session. Deng Shaojiang, director of the Human Resources Office, gave a detailed introduction to the talent introduction policy and support for teachers’ career development of Chongqing University under the title “attracting and retaining talents”. Yang Xinya, curator of the Library, Zhang Huijuan from the Analysis and Test Center, and Tang Wenxin, deputy director of the Electronic Microscope Center, respectively gave a detailed introduction to the support for academic research and talent cultivation provided by the Library, Analysis and Test Center and the Electronic Microscope Center.

On November 11, the young talents attending the Forum were grouped into 27 sessions supported by different schools for in-depth discussion.

Without top-grade teachers, there will be no first-rate university. Chongqing University is now facing the historically best development opportunity, and therefore has proposed new requirements for talent introduction. As an important foreign talent introduction platform of Chongqing University, this Forum will also be coordinated with Chongqing International Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference. The young talents will be invited to the opening ceremony of the Conference to allow them to fully understand and feel Chongqing, and encourage more outstanding young talents to take part in the great undertaking of the “Double-First-Rate” construction of Chongqing University, and contribute to development of Chongqing as a present for the 90th Anniversary of Chongqing University in 2019.