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Officials of Seventh CEAIE Council visit CQU

On March 29, 2019, officials of the 7th Council of China Education Association for International Exchange arrived at Chongqing University for survey and investigation. The Second Chairman Meeting was held during the visit. Zhou Xun, secretary of CPC CQU Committee, and Ming Ju, vice president of Chongqing University, attended the meeting and accompanied the officials throughout the investigation and survey.

Secretary Zhou Xun extended his warm welcome to the attendants, and gave a view of the basic information and ideas on internationalization development of Chongqing University. Liu Limin pointed out that CEAIE had been making unremitted efforts in 2018. Tasks progressed in a planned and regulated manner, with gratifying achievements made. Various tasks have been completed with expected outcomes. In 2019, CEAIE will continue to implement the spirit of the National Education Congress and the Modernization of Education in China 2035, and will concentrate efforts on creating a new situation for international exchange of civilian education. Liu encouraged the attendants to contribute ideas and exert efforts for top-level design, actively undertake and offer support for related tasks, and serve as bridges for positioning and layout determination.

Liu Limin and his companions successively visited the History Museum, the Center of Space Exploration, Ministry of Education and the Electro Microscope Center of Chongqing University, and learned the development history of CQU, and outstanding achievements it has made in moral education and talent cultivation. The delegation listened to reports on manned lunar vehicle, test load for popularization of biological science, moon high ladder and other representative projects, and watched the demonstration of obstacle surmounting of manned lunar vehicle on site. They also got to know the large precise instrument at the Electro Microscope Center. The researchers highly appreciated the achievements made by Chongqing University in building the “Double-First-Rate” university and serving the national strategic needs and regional economic-social development.

Vice chairmen present at the meeting included Lin Jianhua, former president of Peking University, Lu Gang, former secretary of CPC Committee of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhang Xiuqin, former resident ambassador of China to UNESCO, Shen Jian, former head of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, and Zhang Lingshan, secretary general of China Education Association for International Exchange. Members of the Council and responsible persons of China Education Association for International Exchange also attended the meeting at invitation. Zhao Lingshan delivered a work report, and proposed important issues for review at the meeting. Professor Yao Shujie of Chongqing University delivered a special lecture. Zhou Yan, deputy secretary general of China Education Association for International Exchange chaired the meeting.