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CQU undergraduates designated as Outstanding Winner in 2019 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Recently, the results of 2019 MCM/ICM were revealed. Undergraduates of Chongqing University won important awards again in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling. In particular, Li Fengya, a student of Hongshen Honors School of 2017, Dai Xiang, a student of the School of Electrical Engineering, and Wu Dongdong, a student of the School of Big Data and Software Engineering, all supervised by Associate Professor Liu Chaolin from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, won the Outstanding Winner in ICM. Zhao Wenxuan, a student of Hongshen Honors School of 2017, Wang Heyuan, a student of the School of Electrical Engineering, and Yang Huan, a student of the School of Construction Management and Real Estate won the Finalist in MCM. The award rate of the above two awards is both 1%. This was regarded as a breakthrough made by Chongqing University after it won 2 Finalists in 2018. Furthermore, Chongqing University has also won 22 Meritorious Winners and 36 Honorable Mentions.

The overall award rate was reduced to only 50% of that in 2018, which had made it more difficult to win awards in the 2019 MCM/ICM. Facing such intense competition, the “MCM/ICM innovation team” directed by Professor Gong Qu from the School of Mathematics and Statistics attached great importance to the contesting, and got well prepared for it. Students’ independent learning ability was cultivated by using the mathematics experiment MOOC mixed teaching mode. Mathematics application cases and outstanding paper translation competitions were held. Latest competition papers were selected for the students to discuss and learn. Teachers were appointed to compile competition oriented simulated topics and provide practical training. Thanks to their efforts, Chongqing University achieved better results in this year’s contesting, despite the lower award rate.

The undergraduate S&T innovation team is an effective supplementation to the practical teaching park of MOODLE. The team focuses on development of students’ practical ability and innovation ability, and aims to explore nurturing mode of undergraduate talents, and build an innovation training system that covers the first year through the 4th year in the university and even extends to the postgraduate years. Those teams have their own distinct characteristics and have made substantial achievements.