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CQU’s biology/biochemistry included in top 1% ESI disciplines

According to the latest update of ESI on May 9, 2019 of Beijing Time, the biology/biochemistry discipline of Chongqing University was included in the top 1% ESI disciplines in the world for the first time. By now, 8 disciplines, including engineering science, material science, computer science, chemistry, mathematics, clinical medicine, environmental science/ecology, and biology/biochemistry, are included in top 1% ESI disciplines. Plant and animal science was not included. See Table I for the specific data on the included disciplines.


List of Disciplines of Chongqing University Included in Top 1% ESI Disciplines of the World

* The data period extends from January 1, 2009 to February 28, 2019.


The ranking released by the ESI Database is a ranking of organizations across the world based on the citations of papers. According to the statistics, 5,864 organizations in the world are ranked among top 1%, and Chongqing University is ranked the 707th place, 46 places ahead compared with the previous update. Chongqing University is ranked the first place throughout Chongqing in terms of overall ranking and number of disciplines included. It should be noted that the data period extends from January 1, 2009 to February 28, 2019. The full-year data of 2008 were not included in the ranking. As such, the drastic rise of Chongqing University among the list is the result of the scientific research findings of Chongqing University and considerable enhancement of its influence in recent year.


Whether a discipline is included in top 1% ESI disciplines is an important measure of whether the discipline is a world-first-rate one, and is also an important measure of the core scientific research competitiveness of a university. The Academic Evaluation and Analysis Center of Chongqing University Library releases the Brief Report on ESI Discipline Influence of Chongqing University in the university OA every 2 months. The report includes statistical analysis of overall performance of Chongqing University in advantageous and promising disciplines.