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“Promoting Knowledge of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities” held by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in CQU

The first leg in 2019 of the “Promoting Knowledge of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities” Program launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held on May 28 in Chongqing University. This event was aimed to take the teachers and students in colleges and universities “behind the scenes” of diplomatic work.


The “Promoting Knowledge of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities” Program is an innovative measure initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an effort to serve domestic development and assist in the party construction of colleges and universities. It aims to provide the teachers and students with better understanding of the diplomatic policy of CPC and the brilliant achievements made by CPC in diplomatic work since the 18th National Congress of CPC. The Program was initially launched in 2017, and several events have been held in colleges and universities in Beijing, Shandong, Hubei and etc. There will be three events under the “Promoting Knowledge of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities” Program in Chongqing, and the first one was held in Chongqing University.


At the event, officials of the related departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered reports on topics such as diplomacy and foreign affairs serving domestic development and opening up, the work of consul of China in the new era, the way to enhance China’s right of speech through wise communication. Tang Songgen, deputy head of the Department of Foreign Affairs Management, stated in his speech that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had been focusing on the requirement for reform and opening-up and high-quality development of different regions and launching global promotion activities for provinces, districts and cities. Promotion activities have been held for 17 provinces and districts and Xiong’an New Area of Hebei. Such activities do not only help with expansion and opening-up of those regions, but also contribute to spreading of inspiring successful stories throughout China. It has become one of the important platforms for diplomacy to serve development.


Chen Xiongfeng, deputy head of the Department of Consular Affairs, started his speech with a short video about evacuation of Chinese in foreign countries. It indicates that the consular work with Chinese characteristics is forming a security system for Chinese overseas and is serving the overall development of China in a better way. It is making efforts to meet the yearning of people for a better life and playing a positive role.


With growth of China’s comprehensive national power and international standing, China is now under the spotlight of the world. As for foreign journalism and public diplomacy, it is of great significance to tell Chinese stories in a wise way and provide the international community with better understanding of China. Zhang Yiqi, counselor of the Department of Journalism, concentrated on related information in her speech delivered to the teachers and students.


After the speeches, teachers and students raised questions and expressed their ideas. “I used to think that diplomacy is too far away from ordinary people and students. Now I understand that it is closely related to us.” Chen Rong, a postgraduate of the School of Economics and Business Administration, said after listening to the speeches that the reports delivered allowed students to have a better understanding of the diplomatic organs and their functions and they would pay more attention to diplomatic affairs in the future. They would also care more about the sovereignty, security and development benefit of China. Qin Shoudao, a student of 2018 of the School of Civil Engineering, majoring in architecture and civil engineering, said that in recent years the diplomatic work and foreign affairs work of China had brought real benefits to us in recent years. “They are doing their best to protect legal rights and interests and security of foreign Chinese citizens and organizations. This reflects the diplomatic strength of China and makes us secured and confident.”

 Students present responded excitedly, and were appreciative of the speeches delivered by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as this showed their care about and devotion to education. Though the event lasted a short time, students and teachers obtained a much more profound understanding of the marvelous achievements made by China in diplomacy and the diplomatic officers of China.


Li Yi, a student from the School of Foreign Languages, said that with rapid development of economics and technology, and constant and subtle changing of international situation, it is quite necessary for contemporary college students to have a deep understanding of China’s diplomatic policy and international situation. The three senior diplomatic officers explained in details to us the consular work of China in the new era, foreign affairs management and release of China’s foreign affairs information in the event. This event provided teachers and students with a profound understanding of China’s diplomatic policies and guidelines, and allowed us to realize that, as new emerging forces that drive the advancement of the society, contemporary college students should hold a firm conviction and face up to the challenges and opportunities. They should also improve their comprehensive ability, and bear the great historic responsibility for construction of China.


Zhang Haomin from the School of Journalism said that the she had benefited tremendously from the “Promoting Knowledge of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities” activity, and understood the wisdom lying in the diplomacy of China. China, as a great country, has a history of 5,000 years. The exchange and communication between civilizations form the cultural foundation for the construction of community with shared future for mankind. It also exhibits the charm of Chinese civilization. Equal importance should be attached to the government diplomacy and the public diplomacy.


“I believe that we, as young men, should always keep our country in mind and know what we are expected to achieve. China is no longer in a peril with broken families and lost land everywhere. She is now rising sharply. Our generation is facing a political and economic environment dominated by economic globalization, and is sustaining the great responsibility for building an innovative country. The college students should be skillful and responsible. We should have a sense of mission to be happy and to make the society advance constantly. Only this way could the Chinese nation have a bright future.” “As Ren Zhengfei, a Chongqing University alumnus, has said: We should love this country and love China. I hope she could grow stronger and rise against any invaders.” Liu Yiran, a student of the School of Automotive Engineering, expressed his feelings.


Su Ding from the CQU-UC Joint Co-op Institute said that he felt lucky to be able to take part in the “Promoting Knowledge of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs in Colleges and Universities” activity. The three diplomatic officers not only explained foreign policies of China to them, but also analyzed the hot political issues, so that the students could have a clear understanding of the current international situation. Su added that he was confident in his further study abroad, and that his motto was “one should chase his dreams rather than wasting times when he is young”. He expressed his hope that he could be able to contribute to the construction of the country by learning hard. To build a friendly and open image of China and to be a young man needed by the new era, we should start with ourselves, and should always keep in mind that “one should forget about himself when it comes to the country.”


Li Xingye from the School of Economics and Business Administration said that the important mission of diplomacy is to serve the domestic development. The global promotion events have become an important way for the world to know China in the new era. This means further opening-up of China. Furthermore, the great power diplomacy displayed at those events has inspired the Chinese people indeed. Stories about the consular protection and collaboration of China are touching. Stories like “Evacuation of Chinese from Yemen” and “Nepal earthquake” allowed us to know that “wherever you are, China is behind you”. Remember the number “12308”.