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CQU holds Forum on 20th Anniversary of Amalgamation

On May 31, 2020, the Forum on the 20th Anniversary of Amalgamation of Chongqing University was held at Conference Room 213, No. 1 Building. Shu Lichun, secretary of CPC CQU Committee and President Zhang Zongyi attended the event and addressed the audience. Members of CQU’s leading group, previous full-time leaders after amalgamation, members of the leading group at the time of amalgamation, and academician representatives were also present to share their past experience and ideas on future development of Chongqing University. Shu Lichun presided at the Forum.

On May 31, 2000, the former Chongqing University, Chongqing Jianzhu University and Chongqing Architecture College were amalgamated into the present Chongqing University, which was regarded as a milestone of the development of the University. In the past 20 years since the amalgamation, with joint efforts of all Chongqing University people and leading group members of Chongqing University, the University experienced significant improvement in its education strength and influence and realized leak-forward development through expediting reform and deepening integrated development.

Shu Lichun extended his sincere gratitude to previous officials, comrades, alumni and all teachers and students of Chongqing University that had contributed to the development of Chongqing University in the past 20 years since its amalgamation. Shu read out the congratulatory letter from Academician Li Xiaohong, former president of Chongqing University and president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: “Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of Amalgamation. Chongqing University has made remarkable strides despite great hardships in the past 20 years.”

Zhang Zongyi gave a review of the historic development and achievements of the University in a systematic way from aspects like party construction, governance system, talent cultivation, disciplinary development, team building, scientific research, open schooling, domestic cooperation and condition guarantees. He also explained the current and future focus of the University around the overall goal of “Double-First-Rate” construction. Zhang extended his gratitude to the previous leaders and comrades of the University for laying a solid foundation for its development, and expressed his hope that they would continue to care and support the construction and development of Chongqing University using their advantages in experience, political background and reputation and offer valuable opinions and recommendations on development of the University.

Zhang went on to point out that Chongqing University was standing at a new historic starting point and facing major opportunities like China Western Development of the new era, construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle and West China (Chongqing) Science Town. Chongqing University will always adhere to the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era as proposed by President Xi Jinping, and make continuous efforts to strengthen the “four-awareness”, consolidate the “four-confidence”, and carry out “two-maintenance”. It will never forget its initial aspiration and missions and will act responsibly and actively to carry forward the fine traditions, seize historic opportunities and keep up with first-rate universities in pursuit of excellence. Chongqing University people will continue with the efforts of previous leaders and comrades and build CQU into a world-first-rate university and make new glorious achievements in the future so as to serve development and shape the future.

Attendants at Forum talked about the past and discussed the future of the University, and shared their personal experience with CQU in the past 20 years since its amalgamation. They also offered advices and suggestions on future development of the University. Zhu Jialin, Wu Zhongfu, Ou Keping, Zhou Xuhong, Zhou Xun, Chen Dewen, Xian Xuefu, Pan Fusheng, Wu Youqin, Zhao Xiuyu, Zhang Siping, Chen Demin, Zhang Guolin, Tang Yike, Yao Muyuan and Deng Weiting, a postgraduate student from the School of Civil Engineering, delivered a speech at the Forum.

Shu Lichun pointed out in the concluding speech that in the past 20 years, Chongqing University had gone through substantial changes and made noticeable achievements, which Shu attributed to the participants, witnesses and strivers involved in this part of glorious history of the University. He shared lessons learned from the past and his anticipations for the future. According to Shu, firstly, Chongqing University should stick to the comprehensive guide of CPC. CQU has made significant progress since its amalgamation basically because the previous members of the leading group all stuck closely to and strengthened the comprehensive leadership of CPC on work of the University, and strictly observed the theoretical path, policy and guidelines of CPC. In addition, they also implemented the president responsibility system as led by CPC CQU Committee, so as to give full play to its core leading role and perform the duties of the principal of Party’s management and self-governance and school-running. Secondly, Chongqing University should continue to actively serve the national strategic needs. CQU has been adhering to its mission to “study academics, nurture talents, revitalize the country and guide the society” as proposed by scholars of the past and taking as its responsibility to serve social development. Thirdly, CQU should continue to foster character and civic virtue. The University should take “talent cultivation” as its fundamental mission and attach great importance to its core mission of talent nurturing. Fourthly, CQU should prioritize talents as the most important resources. Talents are the foundation of a university and the energy source of its development. CQU will carry forward its fine tradition of valuing talents. Fifthly, the University should continue to focus on development as the previous leaders did. CQU should concentrate its efforts on construction and development and keep on with what’s unfinished by the previous leaders, so as to live up to their trust and encouragement, and the expectations of all CQU teachers and students.

Shu Lichun stressed that after amalgamation of the three schools, Chongqing University realized in-depth integration and rapid development with joint efforts of the previous university leaders and all teachers, students and staff of the University. At present, we are standing in front of a new starting line. We should keep true to our initial aspiration and missions and carry forward the fine style of the previous leaders and comrades, and fine tradition of the three schools, in an effort to keep pace with the times and blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit. Constant unremitting efforts are needed to carry on with the pioneering undertakings started by our previous leaders and comrades and CQU people, and build the University into a world-first-rate one with Chinese characteristics.

Representatives of some organizations, previous comrade representatives and teacher and student representatives of Chongqing University were also present at the Forum.