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CQU students claim first prize at the 14th National Structure Design Contest for College Students

The “SCG Cup” 14th National Structure Design Contest for College Students was held at Shanghai Jiaotong University from October 14 to 17, 2021. After 4 days of intense competition, Chongqing University delegation claimed the national first prize.

The National Structure Design Contest for College Students is one of the nine national discipline competitions for college students as identified by the Ministry of Education. It aims to improve college students' innovative design ability, practical ability and comprehensive quality, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among colleges and universities. It is hailed as the "brightest pearl on the crown of civil engineering discipline competition". A two-level competition system is adopted. Totally 112 teams were selected out of 1,148 teams of 550 colleges and universities in the provincial (municipal) competitions to participate in the national final.

The topic of this Competition is "design and building of variable-parameter bridge structure model". Taking the bridge structure that bears the vertical static load and moving load as the object, the participants were required to discuss the safety and reliability of bridge structure system under various working conditions and loads through structural model design and loading test. By adding some undetermined parameters to the competition questions, the competition questions were given more flexibility. At the same time, the on-site design was introduced, and the comprehensive requirements for the comprehensive ability of outstanding engineers in the future were emphasized. The Competition lasted for four days and was divided into two stages: model structure design and building and model loading. The panel of judges gave comprehensive scores according to the submitted calculations, on-site model building, expert questions and on-site loading performance.

The School has been attaching great importance to the innovation and entrepreneurship education of college students and has held 19 sessions of university-level college students’ structural design competition. After two months of training, the team selected through the university-level competition in May this year were grouped into three teams to participate in the Chongqing Municipal Competition: Yunfan Team of the School of Civil Engineering (Wang Zhen, Li Xinrong, Zhang Hong) and ZTJ Team of the School of Civil Engineering (Zhang Zirui, Tong Ling, Jiang Yating), and Sichadi Team of Hongshen Honors School of Chongqing University (Liu Tonghao, Wang Yilun, Wang Chang). After participating in the Chongqing Municipal Competition in mid-July, Wang Zhen, Li Xinrong and Zhang Hong of the School of Civil Engineering of 2019 were selected to participate in the national competition on behalf of Chongqing University.

Throughout the 4 months of hard training, supervisors Nie Shidong, Huang Guoqing, Bai Jiulin, Guo Ying and Chen Yongqing offered careful guidance.

The Competition was sponsored by the Specialized Committee on Engineering Education of China Association of Higher Education, the Specialized Steering Committee on Civil Engineering Disciplines of Colleges and Universities, Education Work Committee of China Civil Engineering Society and the Faculty of Environment and Civil and Hydraulic Engineering of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Education, organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University and title-sponsored by Shanghai Construction Group. In 2022, the 15th National Structure Design Contest for College Students will be held at Taiyuan University of Technology.