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Promoting university-local government collaborative innovation and leading social development: Bishan Advanced Technology Research Institute inaugurated

The inauguration ceremony of Bishan Advanced Technology Research Institute was held on April 29, 2022. Shu Lichun, Secretary of CPC CQU Committee, and Qin Wenmin, Secretary of CPC Bishan District Committee, jointly inaugurated the Research Institute. Liu Hanlong, Managing Vice President of Chongqing University, Ming Ju and Deng Shaojiang, Vice Presidents of Chongqing University, Jiang Zhibin, Deputy Secretary of CPC Bishan District Committee and Head of Bishan District Government, Tian Zhong, a standing member of CPC Bishan District Committee and Deputy Head of Bishan District Government, and Zhang Zhong, Deputy Director of Bishan District Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, showed up at the event. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by Wan Rong, a standing member of CPC Bishan District Committee and Managing Deputy Head of Bishan District Government. Jiang Zhibin and Liu Hanlong respectively addressed the ceremony.

Jiang Zhibin said that in the process of integrating innovation resources, deepening development of research institute economy and substantially promoting industrialization of scientific and technological innovation, Bishan had built strong friendship with Chongqing University in university-local government cooperation and achievement transformation. Jiang went on to call for steady efforts to continue with the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and allow more innovation resources to yield positive results in Bishan.

Liu Hanlong said that the Research Institute was a marked achievement in the cooperation between the two sides, and called for the Research Institute to seize the opportunity of construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and West China (Chongqing) Science City and give full play to its role as a "window" by drawing on good-quality resources of Chongqing University in talents, technology, achievements and bases, so as to serve enterprises in Bishan and bring the cooperation between the two sides to a higher level.

After the inauguration ceremony, the second meeting of the leading group of Bishan Advanced Technology Research Institute was held. The meeting was chaired by Liu Hanlong. Ming Ju reported on the construction achievements of the Research Institute. The attendants from the two sides had in-depth discussion and exchange over further efforts to be made by the Research Institute.
Shu Lichun gave an introduction to the achievements made by Chongqing University in the first round of "Double-First-Rate" construction from perspectives including first-rate discipline construction, innovation talent nurturing, faculty building and scientific and technological achievement output. Shu attributed the marked achievements of Chongqing University to the substantial support, and assistance given by Bishan District and the in-depth cooperation between the two. He said that the two sides had been supplementing each other with their respective advantages and have been making remarkable achievements. Shu also called for efforts from the two sides to continue to deepen the all-round cooperation and take the Research Institute as the bridgehead of the university-local government cooperation, optimize the top-level design, continue to increase input and policy support, and build large platforms and large bases, so as to make constant scientific and technological innovation and foster achievement transformation, and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Bishan.

Qin Wenmin pointed out that, through more than 2 years into the construction of the Research Institute, it now had many top-level talents and is undertaking a number of major projects. It is highly consistent with the industrial clusters of great development interest in Bishan District, and is providing intelligence support and talent support for building a template zone of high-quality development for Bishan. Bishan District will carry on with its efforts to provide first-rate service for development of the Research Institute, and provide all-round support for industrialized development of the settled teams in terms of financial capital, application scenario, and talent policy. Qin called for efforts from both sides to strengthen cooperation, continue with cooperative projects represented by the Research Institute to gain greater achievements, and expedite the "Double-First-Rate" construction of Chongqing University and high-quality development of Bishan District.

Zhu Caichao, Assistant to the President of CQU and President of CQU Institute of Scientific Research and Development, and responsible persons of CPC CQU Office, the President's Office, the Development Planning Office, the Personnel Office, Bishan Advanced Technology Research Institute, the Graduate School, the Planned Finance Office, the Office of Lab and Equipment Management, the Domestic Cooperation Office of Chongqing University, and related departments of Bishan District also appeared at the event.