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Ceremony of the 2nd Nano Materials Science Awards & the 9th NMS Academic Forum is held

On the afternoon of October 20, 2023, the Ceremony of the 2nd Nano Materials Science Awards & the 9th NMS Academic Forum sponsored by the English journal Nano Materials Science (NMS) of Chongqing University is broadcast to the world on line. Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, a titular member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a professor of National University of Singapore, Lyu Jian, an editor-in-chief of NMS, an academician of the NATF, and an endowed chair of City University of Hong Kong, Lu Ke, an academician of CAS, Director of Liaoning Materials Laboratory and a researcher of Institute of Metal Research, CAS, Guo Shaojun, a national talent, a fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and a specially-appointed professor of Peking University, Zhang Tierui, a national talent, a fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry and a researcher of Physics and Chemical Institute, CAS, professor Giulia Grancini of Università degli Studi di Pavia, Yuan Wenquan, Director of Social Science Office, President and Editor-in-chief of Periodical Society, and Director of Institute Sustainable Development Center, Chongqing University, Zhong Xiaowei, Deputy Editor of Periodical Society, NMS Editorial Department, together with a total of over 22,000 domestic and foreign experts and scholars attend the conference. The conference is co-organized by R&D Cloud, Nanoer Luman Research Institute, Xueyanhui,, Energist, SYN Pupil Science Cloud and Koushare, and is chaired by Fu Shaoyun, Deputy Editor of NMS and a professor of Chongqing University.

At the Conference, the Ceremony of the 2nd Nano Materials Science Awards is held at first. Lyu Jian addresses the opening ceremony. He thanks everyone for their attention and support to the Nano Materials Science Awards and the English journal, hopes to jointly promote the progress of nano materials science and technology, and announces the winners of the 2nd Nano Materials Science Awards: academician Konstantin Novoselov and academician Lu Ke are awarded the 2nd Nano Materials Science Awards, and professor Guo Shaojun, researcher Zhang Tierui and professor Giulia Grancini are awarded the 2nd Nano Materials Science Awards-Youth Scientists. The winners of the awards are elected from candidates of 21 countries in a fair, just and strict way.

Then, the 9th NMS Academic Forum is held. Konstantin Novoselov is invited to deliver a speech "New approaches in material design". He points out that as relatively new materials, graphene and two-dimensional materials have taken a solid position in research, development and application. Many exciting phenomena have been discovered in these crystals, leading to new research directions: designing materials on demand. This provides the latest insights for the precise design of new materials at the atomic level in the future, and satisfies our infinite expectations for future materials.

Guo Shaojun delivers a speech titled "Strain catalysis: exploration of materials, theory and applications", in which he introduces critical scientific questions in fuel cells and hydrogen energy, and explains the current design and theoretical mechanism of new materials.

In the speech "Defective layered double hydroxide based nanostructured photocatalysts", Zhang Tierui reports the latest research results on the creation of defect sites and structural interface structures on hydrotalcite surfaces to improve catalytic performance, providing unique insights for solutions to future global energy and environmental problems.

Giulia Grancini gives the speech "High efficient low dimensional perovskite solar cells". Focusing on perovskite solar cells, he mainly explains the effects of three-dimensional/six-dimensional double-layer film configuration and surface cation passivation strategy on battery performance.

In recent years, Chongqing University has comprehensively promoted the construction of high-level academic journals, implemented the funding plan for cultivation of high-level academic journals in the major construction project of "Double-First-Rate" disciplines, and made great efforts to improve international, professional, digital, intensive level of journals. Through the "trinity" of English international journals, international awards and international forums in nano materials science, it strives to build an international platform and brand for the publication, exchange and communication of achievements in nano materials science, and build a world-class scientific and technological journal, so as to put into practice the Advises of the Central Commission of Deepening Reform on Deepening Reform and Cultivating world-class Scientific and Technological Journals, and General Secretary Xi Jinping's important document and instruction spirits of "constructing first-class academic journals and various academic platforms, and strengthening national and international academic exchanges", and thus contribute to "Double-First-Rate" construction of the University as well as independent and self-motivated high-level science and technology of China.