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Affiliated Hospital of CQU Officially Inaugurated

At 9:00 on the morning of November 16, 2017, the inauguration ceremony of Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing University co-built by Chongqing Emergency Medical Service Center and Chongqing University is held at the academic lecture hall of Chongqing Emergency Medical Service Center. A delegation led by Liu Hanlong, vice president of Chongqing University, and more than 200 persons including employee representative of sister organizations and hospitals of Chongqing Emergency Medical  Service Center attend the ceremony. Du Dingyuan, deputy director of the Affiliated Hospital, presides over the ceremony.

Director Ma Yu points out in her speech that the establishment of partnership between Chongqing University and Chongqing Emergency Medical Service Center marks a milestone in the history of the two. It is a strategic deployment in response to the state governments’ critical decision to build healthy China and a major move to deepen the hospital-university collaboration and reform and development of medical education, and is also innovation exploration in an effort to optimize health resources of Chongqing and improve the medical and health service capacity. Chongqing University has been dedicated to construction of the “Double-First-Rate” university, and moving towards a high-level research university with distinct characteristics and global reputation. Chongqing Emergency Medical Service Center has been longing to collaborate with Chongqing  University for a long time. As Chongqing University is building the “Double-First-Rate: university, the Service Center will utilize the advantages of Chongqing University, including its diversified disciplines, considerable faculty, and advanced scientific research level, and its own advantages in clinical medicine, talent team, instrument and equipment and medical level, to jointly build a medical education system, scientific research platform, scientific development platform, and talent cultivation platform and carry out basic and clinical researches in medicine and other related areas with Chongqing University. Furthermore, the two will collaborate to declare/build a national translational research platform, and compete for national major special project, and make critical breakthrough in key areas of medical development, in an effort to make contribution to improvement of Chongqing’s medical education level and the health of citizens.

Liu Hanlong, vice president of Chongqing University, emphasizes that the establishment of the Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing University will surely invigorate the development of both Chongqing University and the Service Center. Liu expresses his hope that the two will seize this opportunity to give full play to their supplementary advantages and further strengthen all-round and coordinated development in discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research platform building and discipline construction, so as to expedite construction of Chongqing University as a “Double-First-Rate” university, improve the teaching and scientific research level and overall strength of the Service Center and jointly expedite development of Chongqing’s medical and health services and build “healthy Chongqing”.

After that, officials of the two parties officially inaugurate the Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing University.