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Professor Jiao Yanpeng Publishes Paper on Top Humanities & Social Sciences Journal

As the new year is drawing near, the research team of humanities & social sciences has a good news for us: The academic publication titled Criminal Law Mechanism for Ecological Civilization Protection of Professor Jiao Yanpeng, the director of the criminal law discipline of the Law School, is published on Volume 11 of the Social Sciences in China of 2017. This is the first time that the research findings of humanities & social sciences of CQU have been published as academic paper on this journal.


The Social Sciences in China is run and hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and is dubbed as the comprehensive humanities & social sciences journal in China by the academic circle. The journal mainly publishes the latest and most important academic research findings in the humanities & social sciences area of   China .  


The paper is nearly 30,000 characters long. It starts with a serious academic topic, the criminal law mechanism for ecological civilization protection, and demonstrates the critical academic topics including the theory of legal benefit of criminal law, problem with criminal law mechanism, ecological legal benefit thoughts in the environmental law and the justice realization mechanism in the environmental judicature, in a rigorous way. The paper focuses on the academic solutions to the real propositions based on the criminal law governance of the ecological environment in China , and contains creative researches. A conclusion that is inspiring for the academic development of science of environmental law and science of criminal law of China . The paper is the most representative piece of works of the series papers on research of science of environmental criminal law published by Professor Jiao Yanpeng. After its publication, it has aroused extensive attention of the social science circle and the law science circle. China Association for Environmental and Resources Law, China Association for Police Law and China Association for Criminal Law and other organizations in the area are paying close attention to the paper, and their official WeChat accounts have all pushed the long abstract of the paper.


Professor Jiao Yanpeng is the winner of the first doctor of laws degree granted by the University of Macau. He has successively won the outstanding young talent in environmental protection professional technology of China and the specially-appointed talent of Chongqing under the “Hundred Talents Program” and etc. Professor Jiao has been engaged diligently in the environmental criminal law area for many years and has successively been granted various projects supported by the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science. As an outstanding young scholar in the science of environmental law and the science of criminal law, and a leading scholar in the environmental criminal law research area he has published a number of important academic journal papers.


The publication of the research findings of experts in humanities & social sciences of Chongqing University on top academic journals in China reflects considerable improvement of the quality of academic research findings in humanities & social sciences. It inspires domestic peers who are also engaged in academic research, and breathes new life into the rapid and high-standard development of humanities & social sciences.