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Paper of Professor Wang Gang Selected as “Excellent Paper in the 2nd CAST Excellent Paper Selection Plan”

Recently the China Association for Science and Technology has published the list of papers included in the 2nd CAST Excellent Paper Selection Plan. The paper of Professor Wang Gang from the Geotechnical Engineering Research Institute of the School of Civil Engineering is among the list.


Wang Gang, Zhang Jianmin, and Wei Xing: Influence of Formation Condition on Delayed Deformation of Shear Dilating Sandy Soil Side Slope, Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 2016,7, 38(7):1345-1350.


“The 99 papers included in the list are representatives of excellent papers published on technical journals of China since 2013. They are of great significance for disciplinary development of the basic research areas or are able to explore or lead the disciplinary development; those papers may be of considerable application values in the application research area, or are able to guide the engineering and technical development of the related discipline; or they reflect the history background, current research situation, and development trend of a sub-discipline. In all, such papers have noticeable informatics value.”


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