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CQU CTTI Source Think Tank Participates in “2017 Summit Forum on Governance of Think Tanks in China and Communication of Thoughts and Theory”

On December 20, 2017, the “2017 Summit Forum on Governance of Think Tanks in China and Communication of Thoughts and Theory” co-sponsored by Guangming Daily and Nanjing University, and organized by Guangming Think Tank, Institute for Chinese Think Tank Research and Assessment of Nanjing University and Guangming Online opens in Beijing. The event aims to lead all sectors of the society to better learn, implement and publicize the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, explore innovative paths for study and communication of thoughts and theory in this era of convergence media, and foster healthy and efficient development of new type think tanks with Chinese characteristics. More than 700 experts and scholars from the central ministries and commissions, think tank administration authorities of various cities and provinces, CTTI Source Think Tank, the think tank research circle and thoughts and theory circle attend the Forum. Four CTTI Think Tanks of Chongqing University, namely, the “Research Center of Public Economy and Public Policy”, “National Research Institute of Security of Cyberspace and Legality Strategy of Big Data”, “Research Institute of Sustainable Development” and “National Center of Research and Assessment of Public Services”, attend the Forum upon invitation.

Zhang Zheng, editor in chief of Guangming Daily, and Chen Jun, president of Nanjing University, point out in their speech delivered at the opening ceremony of the Forum that the think tank circle should play a positive role in provision of suggestions on policy, theoretical innovation, public opinion guidance, social service and public diplomacy; target at solving difficult problems hindering reform and stable development and the global issues; serve the country and benefit people; seek for optimization scheme for organization forms and management modes; and explore the way to improve the production capacity of think tank products and the strategy planning capacity. Wei Liqun, former director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Zhang Junkuo, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Cai Fang, vice president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Feng Jun, deputy director of the Party History Research Center of the CPC Central Committee, and other experts and scholars deliver keynote speeches on construction of Chinese think tank, and convey thoughts about accurately grasping the trend and position of development of Chinese think tanks, expediting the construction of organizations and capacity of Chinese think tanks, creating an external environment suitable for development of Chinese think tanks, probing into and grasping the current situation of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, studying and responding to major topics of the time, developing the core competitiveness from various aspects, and striving for higher global profile by learning from the past and building on the present.


At the Forum, selection certificates are issued to 117 supplementary CTTI think tanks (including 1 think tank of the party and government department, 2 thinks tanks of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 1 think tank of party school and school of administration, 95 think tanks of colleges and universities, 8 think tanks of scientific research institutions, 5 enterprise think tanks, 3 social think tanks and 2 media think tanks). The “Research Institute of Sustainable Development, CQU” and “National Center of Research and Assessment of Public Services of CQU” are selected as supplementary think tanks successfully after “application submission, data filing, expert review and in-depth field investigation”. By now, a total of 5 think-tank organizations of Chongqing University have been selected as CTTI source think tanks.

At the “Presentation of Outstanding Achievements of CTTI Source Think Tanks” held in the afternoon, the investigation findings of the “National Research Institute of Security of Cyberspace and Legality Strategy of Big Data of Chongqing University”, Report on Investigation of Compliance of Transaction of Big Data in China stand out among more than 100 achievements of think tanks. Dr. Zhang Bo, delivers a speech titled “Transaction of Big Data: Industrial Innovation and Policy Response” as a representative. In the speech, Dr. Zhang analyzes the transaction of big data in China from four aspects in depth, including current situation of the industry, development challenges, policy environment and construction paths, and proposes 6 feasible paths to foster development of China’s big data transaction industry. The 6 paths are as follows: 1. Encouraging data transaction with the big data exchange (center) as the base; 2. Encouraging participation of various parties and formulating rules for data transaction; 3. Making clear the property right in data transaction; 4. Building a legal mechanism to protect security of data; 5. Identifying the rights and duties of enterprises and the government in the data transaction; 6. Improving the self-discipline system of the industry and strengthening industrial supervision. A total of 8 outstanding achievements of think tanks are released at the event.