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CQU Delegation Visit Kyungpook National University

From February 25 to 28, 2018, a delegation made up of Xu Jun, director of Office of International Cooperation and Communication, CQU, Executive Vice President Zhu Caichao of the Research Institute of Scientific and Technological Development, and Dean Wang Guixue from the School of Bioengineering is on a four-day visit to Kyungpook National University upon invitation.

Jin Shangdong, president of Kyungpook National University, and Piao Xidong, vice president of KNU, meet with the delegation of Chongqing University. Jin Shangdong extends his sincere welcome to the CQU delegation. The two universities became first attached on the “6th China-Korea University President Forum” held in 2014. In 2015, the two universities signed the inter-university cooperation agreement. In October 2017, on the “9th China-Korea University President Forum”, the two parties reached an intention to deepen mutual cooperation. Jin Shangdong expresses his delight in the field visit of CQU delegation to KNU. He further introduces the basic condition of KNU, including the teaching staff, disciplinary planning and advantageous areas, and adds that KNU is very willing to strengthen cooperation with CQU to achieve a win-win result.


Xu Jun extends his sincere gratitude towards President Jin Shangdong and Vice President Piao Xidong of KNU for their reception on behalf of Chongqing University. After that, he gives an introduction to the basic conditions of Chongqing University, such as the development history, number of teachers and students, disciplinary development and international communication, and stresses that Chongqing University has been attaching great importance to cooperation with colleges and universities and research institutes of Korea. Chongqing and Korea had once gone through the same hardships. During the Anti-Japanese War, the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea spent 6 years in Chongqing, and thus forged profound friendship with the people in Chongqing. This lays a solid foundation for the cooperation between CQU and colleges and universities in Korea . State officials of China have recently pointed out that “Colleges and universities bear the mission of cultivating talents, carrying out scientific researches, serving the society, inheriting and innovating culture, and conducting international cooperation and communication.” As such, Chongqing  University has established the “5 + 1” scientific and technological innovation system, to which the international joint research institutes constitute a key part. Chongqing University also needs to go out and cooperate with reputable colleges and universities abroad and seek for mutual development.


Zhu Caichao and Wang Guixue also respectively give an introduction to the development situation of the scientific research and the School of Bioengineering of Chongqing University.

After that, Director Cui Qirong of the Office of Industry-university-research Cooperation of KNU and Executive Vice President Zhu Caichao of Research Institute of Scientific and Technological Development, CQU preside over a seminar attended by official and experts from the Office of Industry-university-research Cooperation, the Office of International Cooperation, the Industry-University Cooperation Team, the Medicine Research Institute and the CQU delegation. Over the Seminar, the attendants have detailed discussion. The two parties both agree to carry out collaborative research in areas such as human health, artificial intelligence and robot, and jointly publish papers; in addition, agreement has been reached with respect to an academic forum on big life health in 2019, which is to be organized by the School of Bioengineering, CQU. It is also agreed that KNU will send a delegation to Chongqing  University in July 2018.

Accompanied by related persons of KNU, the CQU delegation pays a visit to the Hair Transplantation Center, UAV Research Center, 3D Printing Center, Library and other departments and scientific research organizations of KNU.

Kyungpook National University (KNU) was founded in 1946 and is ranked first among the national universities of Korea and 10th among all universities in Korea (US News edition: According to Shanghai Jiaotong University ARWU, it is ranked 9th among all universities in Korea; and according to CWUR, it is ranked 8th among all universities in Korea). Former president of Korea, Park Chung Hee, graduated from this university. As one of the top 500 universities in the world, it has been actively participating in various major events including construction of Korea after the Anti-Japanese War, the industrialization of the country, economic construction and development. It has extensive international influence and takes pride in areas such as medicine, IT, physics and business. In particular, it is ranked first in the biomedicine and hygiene area in the entire Korea. KNU is located in Daegu, the third biggest city of Korea, and is dubbed as the “No. 1 comprehensive university south of the Han River”.