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Chongqing Daily: CQU granted 951 patents in 2017

On April 17, the reporter of Chongqing Daily learns that Chongqing University was granted a total of 951 authorized patents in 2017, 133 more than the 818 authorized patents granted in 2016. This indicates new breakthrough of “Double-First-Rate Construction”. This is the historic best record of Chongqing University in terms of number of authorized patents. Furthermore, Chongqing University has been ranking the first place for years in Chongqing in terms of intention patent application quantity and patent authorization quantity.


It is reported that Chongqing University was granted 788 authorized invention patents in 2017, including 157 patents for utility models, 4 design patents and 2 international patents. Those authorized patents are mainly of areas including information technology (34.6%), energy technology (12.8%), new materials (11.1%), machinery (11%), resource and environment (9.3%) and building (7.1%). The total patent authorization quantity of Chongqing University ranks the 17th place among all universities under the “Double-First-Rate” Construction Program of China, increasing by 16.2% year on year.


 “In recent years, Chongqing University has not only increased input in scientific research, but has also been expanding the achievement transformation channels, so as to ensure the scientific research caters for the international frontier and major demand of China, as well as the local economic construction and industrial development focus of Chongqing.” The related person of the Scientific and Technological Development Research Institute of Chongqing University says that in recent years, Chongqing  University has taken initiative to develop new mechanism and system management modes and build up scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation platform. The areas of concentrated patent authorization are taken as the major disciplinary areas for “Double-First-Rate” construction of the University. The reporter of Chongqing Daily also learns that Chongqing University has incorporated Chongqing University Intellectual Property Right Operation Co., Ltd., set up a one-stop transfer and transformation service platform and built up a specialized service team for achievement transformation and innovation management and an intermediate team for technology transfer, so as to protect and encourage invention and creation, and speed up transformation of scientific and technological achievements using market-based means.


In 2016, Chongqing University released the Management Methods for Promoting Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Chongqing University (Trial), which includes clear regulations on organization management, interest distribution and stimulating policies for achievement transformation. “In particular, for achievement transformed in the form of technology investment, 80% of the equity shall vest in the achievement executer, and the assets operation management company of the university will hold 20% of the equity and shall be responsible for management. The 20% of the equity will be used for compensation for cost of achievement transformation and related rewards.” The responsible person adds that this equity distribution ratio is much higher than “no less than 50% of the equity held by the achievement executor” as required by the Ministry of Education.


Furthermore, Chongqing University has founded the Industrial technology Research Institute in collaboration with the government of Jiulongpo District. The Research Institute will carry out scientific researches that mainly focus on local economy and industrial demand, and will incubate related achievements of the University. Since the Research University started official operation in December 2017, a number of related new materials, environment protection and energy conservation and intelligent manufacturing projects have settled.