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CQU holds talent recruitment session in USA

On April 27, 2018 of the US time, a talent recruitment delegation made up of Yang Chun, deputy director of the Human Resource Office and director of the Talent Introduction Office, Hua Jianming, secretary of CPC Committee of School of Civil Engineering and Guo Yongcai, dean of the School of OptoElectronic Engineering is present at the “2017 Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Self-funded Students Studying Abroad and Top Overseas Talents Recruitment Fair” organized by the Education Group of Consulate-General of China in Chicago. The talent recruitment information session is held by the delegation.

Fig. 1 A group photo of the delegation and Consul-General Hong Lei


On April 28, at the information session of Chongqing University, Yang Chun gives an introduction to the geological advantages of Chongqing, and the overall condition, historic development and desire for talents of Chongqing University, with particular emphasis on the related talent introduction policies lately introduced by CQU. Yang extends his welcome to talents who wish to become part of Chongqing  University. After the session, the delegation has in-depth communication with the attendants and talks to the scholars face to face.

Fig. 2 Yang Chun is explaining the talent introduction policy of Chongqing  University.


Thanks to the thorough communication with the applying scholars in advance, the recruitment information session comes out quite well, with initial agreement reached with a number of applying scholars. Two excellent scholars indicate that they will submit applications for the 2018 “Young Overseas High-level Talents Introduction Plan” utilizing resources of Chongqing University. One applicant sends a long piece of feedback suggestion after the session, saying that “From the recruitment speeches delivered by the representatives of tens of colleges and universities of China, I can feel their hunger for talents and respect to talents, and I’m surprised by the drastic improvement of software and hardware conditions of Chinese universities. Chongqing  University sets an example of what a university can do to support its students. Chongqing University provides the best conditions for the introduced talents, from housing to remuneration. It is obvious that Chongqing  University is cultivating talents by serving them, which makes me feel good.”

Fig. 3 Hua Jianming is having in-depth communication with the scholars present.

Fig. 4 Guo Yongcai is talking face to face with an applying scholar.


The recruitment information session has drawn attention of many outstanding overseas talents and the expected goals have been fulfilled successfully. Chongqing University is planning to hold more overseas talent introduction and recruitment activities in places like Boston and New York of the USA , and Adelaide of Australia, to increase the influence of overseas talent introduction campaign.