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Awarding ceremony of 2018 “Siemens China Scholarship” held at CQU

The awarding ceremony of 2018 “Siemens China Scholarship” kicks off at 9:30 on May 10, 2018 at Conference Room 504, Main Teaching Building, Campus A, Chongqing University. Markus Mildner, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Energy Management Group, Wang Xu, deputy secretary of CPC Chongqing University Committee, and Zhang Jun, secretary general of Education Foundation, are all present at the ceremony. Wu Jia, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of School of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University, presides at the ceremony.

Before the awarding ceremony, Wang Xu, on behalf of Chongqing University, meets Mr. Markus Mildner and his companions at Reception Room 513 of the Main  Teaching Building. At the meeting, officials of the two sides exchange their willingness and expectations of further cooperation, and have in-depth communication with respect to new cooperation modes such as Siemens Auditorium and technology competition. Officials of related departments and schools of Chongqing University also attend the meeting.

After the ceremony starts, Wang Xu delivers an opening speech on behalf of Chongqing University and extends her sincere welcome to Mr. Markus Mildner and his companions. In addition, Wang also expresses her appreciation for the donations and contributions made by Siemens to Chongqing University. She mentions that Chongqing University and Siemens have maintained a long-term cooperation relation, and Chongqing University has considerable scientific research strength and talent advantages, which lays a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two in scientific and technological R&D, talent cultivation, and educational practice. Wang expresses her wish that the scholarship winners would practice the school motto of Chongqing University, “diligence, simplicity, knowledge and patriotism”, and learn the “craftsmanship spirit” of the world reputable enterprise manifested as the unremitting pursuit of excellence. She adds that the students should study hard and strengthen their practical skills.

Mr. Markus Mildner states in his speech that as one of the Fortune 500 established 170 years ago, Siemens is currently one of the largest suppliers of efficient energy and resource conserving technology. Mr. Markus expresses his wish to further the cooperation with Chongqing University in electrical engineering and automation. He also shares with the attendants his 16-year working experience at Siemens, and extends his heartfelt congratulations to the scholarship winners. Mr. Markus encourages those students to keep striving for excellence and choose to work at Siemens after graduation and realize their personal occupational planning and goals there.

Zhang Jun is reading the recognition decision for the scholarship winners. Zhang says that she hopes the students could remain humble and keep endeavoring, and stick always to the fine style that highlights diligence, hardworking and truth; the students should never forget those who have helped them, so that they could reward the society in a more efficient way.

Wang Xu and Mr. Markus Mildner are issuing the honor certificates to scholarship winners.

After the ceremony, Mr. Markus Mildner and his companions exchanged ideas with scholarship winners. Those students talked about their planning for the university life, professional development prospects, personnel requirements of employers and their study at the university. Students present indicate that they benefited a lot from the communication, adding that they would never be unworthy of the cultivation efforts made by Chongqing University and the support of Siemens, and will repay the University and make donations to Siemens by working and studying hard.


Qin Feng, the responsible person for human resources of Energy Management Group, Du Haoyu, responsible person for publicizing of the Group, Fan Wei, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Chongqing University, Liu Jun, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of the School of OptoElectronic Engineering and 35 scholarship winning students have also attended the ceremony.