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CQU President Zhang Zongyi meets consul-general of Israel in Chengdu

On May 3, 2018, President Zhang Zongyi of Chongqing University meets Mr. Amir Lati, the consul-general of the Consulate-General of   Israel in Chengdu. Xu Jun, director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange is present at the meeting.  

Zhang Zongyi extends his sincere welcome to the delegation led by Mr. Amir Lati, and introduces Chongqing and Chongqing University to the guests. Zhang mentions that President Xi of China, when on a visit to Chongqing in 2016, has pointed out that Chongqing is a key strategic support of west development of China, and is situated at the junction point between the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Zone, and proposed that Chongqing should be built into an inland opening-up high ground and a municipality of picturesque scenery; during the “NPC & CPPCC” period of 2018, President Xi again proposed when he was attending the review conference of Chongqing delegation that Chongqing should promote high-quality development and create high-standard living. This indicates that the municipality is bound to develop into an open metropolis and a livable city. Chongqing  University is also actively making new plans to expedite its progress in international development, and encourage students to go abroad and feel and know more about the world. He points out that Israel is a country with considerable technological strength and Chongqing University is a comprehensive university dominated by engineering science. There is great potential of cooperation between the two. Zhang expresses his hope that the two would go further based on the existing communication and exchange and deepen the practical cooperation with the universities, colleges and institutions of Israel in areas such as scientific problem tackling, teacher training and student exchange visit.


Mr. Amir Lati states that China and Israel have laid a solid foundation for educational collaboration. More than 30 universities in China such as Tsinghua University and Beijing University have signed exchange agreements with 7 universities of Israel , among which there is the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel  Aviv University and Israel Institute of Technology. Since establishment of the Consulate-General of Israel in Chengdu in 2014, it has been concentrating efforts on promoting implementation of cooperation projects in Chengdu and Chongqing. With held of the Consulate-General of Israel in Chengdu, Sichuan International Studies University launched the Hebrew program, making Chongqing the third city that offers this program following Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, the non-stop flight from Chengdu to Tel Aviv was also launched. Mr. Amir Lati promises that he will continue to facilitate cooperation and communication between the two countries. To the cooperation with Chongqing University, the Consulate-General of Israel in Chengdu has also been attaching great importance. In the future, the Consulate-General will continue to serve as a bridge for cooperation to promote the communication and exchange between Chongqing University and Israel , thus establishing a long-term close cooperation relation. Furthermore, Mr. Amir Lati invites young talents of Chongqing University to the “Young Leaders” Program of Israel, and promises that he will help with inviting Israel experts to Chongqing  University to give series lectures.


The two parties have group photos taken after the meeting.

After the meeting, the guests visit No. 1 Teaching Building of Chongqing University as accompanied by Zhang Zongyi.