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Traditional culture project of CQU included in “A Salute to Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture” Series Activities

Recently, the 4th “A Salute to Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture” Series Activities for Colleges and Universities of China co-held by the Ministry of Education and Guangming Daily has been brought to a gratifying end. The large print Chinese Method of Construction, a traditional culture project represented by creation of print, submitted by Chongqing   University, was included as a characteristic exhibition project.

The “Chinese Method of Construction” team is made up of teachers and students from the School of Arts and the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. It took the team members 5 years to create this colored woodcut print of the largest size in China through interdisciplinary cooperation. The creation team led by Professor Qi Xu chose “Building History – Extending Welfare” as the theme, and built up a grand image of gorgeousness and joyousness in a schematic way, with the characteristic concepts in the works science and virtues highlighted. The works fully displays the magnificence, brilliance and diversity contained in the spiritual temperament of Chinese civilization and ahs been well received by industrial experts, mainstream core media and visitors. It was already included in the “Artistic Creation Project of Historical Themes of Chinese Civilization”, and won a prize under the “Five-One” Project of Chongqing. The works is also chosen as a piece of permanent collection by the National Museum of China.

The design team combined the chiseling technique of original woodcutting with other painting and printing techniques for the first time in creation of the works, and used the 3D structural method to build up the print without following the conventional way. Core values such as “the past serving the present” and “people first” are demonstrated in the works. The design team followed an isomorphic method and arrangement that integrate both history and reality, horizontalness and verticalness, and tradition and modernity. The basic elements and historical context described in the “gathering and reconstruction” Method of Construction, a theoretical paradigm of fine arts, were used by the team to realize organic conversion from reality text to artistic images. This way, the “Chinese method of construction” is presented in a modern manner. The inclusion of this Project of Chongqing University is deemed as a beneficial practice of Chongqing University teachers and students in exploiting the education resources and cultivation resources of outstanding traditional Chinese culture and reconstructing the cultural history and spread Chinese stories in an artistic way.

The “A Salute to Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture” Series Activities for Colleges and Universities of China were held in response to the spirit of the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities as part of the deployment of the Opinions on Implementation of Inheritance and Development of Outstanding Traditional Chinese Culture released by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China. The aim of the Series Activities is to promote the cultivation and practice of socialist core values by colleges and universities, enhance cultural confidence and commitment of students and teachers and facilitate fusion of outstanding traditional Chinese culture into various elements of higher education. There are a total of 30 characteristic exhibition projects in the Series Activities.