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Special Ceramic Branch of Chinese Ceramic Society holds its council working meeting at CQU

On June 2, the 3rd Council Working Meeting of 2018 of Special Ceramic Branch of Chinese Ceramic Society is held in the 1F-9 Conference Hall of the library at Huxi Campus, Chongqing University. Experts in special ceramic from various colleges, universities and scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, South China University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Institute of Electronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences are present at the Conference to summarize the work of the Branch and discuss about the future development. The experts share the latest research progress in ceramics with others to look for promising scientific and technological innovation opportunities. Professor Pan Wei, the managing vice chairman and secretary general of the Branch, and director of the National Key Lab for New Ceramics and Fine Process of Tsinghua University, presides at the opening ceremony. Liu Ganxin, secretary general of the Association for Science and Technology of Chongqing University, appears at the opening ceremony and delivers a speech.

At the Conference, Liu Ganxin expresses his warm congratulations on behalf of Chongqing University on opening of the Conference, and extends his sincere welcome to officials and experts present. After that, Liu Ganxin gives a brief introduction to development and construction of Huxi Campus and the Association for Science and Technology of Chongqing University. He indicates that Chongqing  University is substantially supportive of academic exchange among young teachers and scientific researchers and has been making efforts to build an encouraging academic environment and innovative cultural atmosphere. The Conference held today serves as a bridge for communication between peers and also provides a learning opportunity for scientific researchers and experts in special ceramics of the Chinese Ceramic Society. In addition, the gathering of experts in Chongqing would also serve to expedite “Double-First-Rate” construction of Chongqing University. Liu further points out that innovation is the theme of the current age and the only way to achieve win-win results is exchange and collaboration. He expresses his hope that the experts present would have in-depth negotiation and cooperation, and make a new planning jointly for future development of the Special Ceramic Branch.


More than 30 experts from 22 colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises engaged in special ceramics have attended the Conference. Ten experts from Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, China University of Geosciences, Tianjin University, Chongqing University, Shanghai University, Hubei University of Technology and AVIC Composite Material Co., Ltd. share the latest progress of their research in their presentations.


The Special Ceramic Branch was founded in 1980 as a subordinate organization of Chinese Ceramic Society. It is a national leading academic body in the high-performance ceramic area and its members are all academic leading figures from various colleges and universities and scientific research institutes and technical backbones of related enterprises that are active in the front line of special ceramic research and development.