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CQU Postgraduate Zhang Keming wins best student paper at MFPT 2018

Postgraduate Zhang Keming from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Chongqing University has won the best student paper at the 51st International Conference on Mechanical Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT 2018) held on the beach of Virginia. The title of the paper is “The dynamic response of a planetary gear train in the presence of a spalling fault”. The paper focuses on solving the problem of dynamics involved in spalling fault of planetary gear train, which is an academic frontier problem. The paper has been completed as supervised by Professor Shao Yimin from the National Key Lab for Mechanical Drive of Chongqing University. Zhang Keming is the first college student that has won such an award at MFPT.

MFPT is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and was founded by NASA, US Army and other professional organizations in April 1967. It has been consecutively held for 51 times by 2018, and is the oldest international conference on mechanical failure diagnosis with the greatest international influence. It serves as a platform for academic exchange among scholars in the mechanical failure diagnosis area from various countries of the world.