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CQU wins the “Most Popular Employee Institution Award 2019” for Best Universities in China

2019 China’s Best Employer Award Ceremony and China International Human Capital Management Forum were held in Guangzhou. With "Efficiency wins in an interdependent workplace" as the year's theme, the event was jointly sponsored by, Institute of Social Science Survey of Peking University, China Association of Labor Economics and Harvard Business Review. Chongqing University was invited to this grand event and won the "Most Popular Employee Institution Award of 2019".

Winners of this award have been selected on the basis of the best employers’ will, evaluation by third-party institutions and university students. Chongqing University and 22 other universities such as University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Nankai University and University of Science and Technology of China have been actively promoting higher quality and employment rates of graduates with innovative methods. As a result, the students are recognised by various employers in terms of working mechanism, methods and employment guidance, so as to build a supply-demand platform for enterprises and graduates. They were therefore given the"Most Popular Employee Institution Award of 2019".

Chongqing University has been actively promoting the quality and employment rate of graduates, with "rejuvenating the nation and leading the development" as its working goal. It has been making unremitting efforts to adapt to and meet the needs of students’ growth, development of the times and social progress. In 2019, Chongqing University has held 1,676 job fairs, attracting a total of 4,453 employers. Many provincial governments accept selected students for cadre from Chongqing University. Chongqing University has built a diversified human resource interaction and exchange platform for enterprises and graduates, integrating talent recruitment, enterprise display, university-enterprise cooperation, employment guidance and employment research.

"China’s Best Employer of the Year" is a survey activity aimed to find and select the best employer. It was initially initiated by China’s leading career development platform, Zhaopin, and the Institute of Social Science Survey of Peking University of Peking University in 2005.