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The CIOB Center team of Chongqing University Achieved Excellent Results in the Final of the 2020 CIOB Global College Challenge

CIOBNB, a team from the CIOB student center of Chongqing university, won the third place in the final of the global student challenge (GSC) of the royal society of chartered builders (ciob) in 2020, which is also the best achievement of Chongqing university team in this international competition since its establishment.

GSC Global Student Challenge is an annual top-notch competition organized by CIOB for students majoring in global construction management. The competition uses the MERIT (Management Enterprise Risk Innovation and Team Work) software platform developed by its partner company to simulate the whole process decision-making work of construction projects. The participating team members act as a Board of Directors running their own construction company by taking the roles of investment manager, budget manager, recruitment manager, project manager, etc., and arrange funds, valuation, bidding and employees one by one. By simulating the operation of a construction company by calculation, comparison, prediction and other methods, and decision-making adjustments in investment, asset operation, bidding, construction, personnel recruitment and other aspects according to the operation status of the company at each stage, this challenge finally carry out quantitative evaluation on the operation results. The other five teams in the 2020GSC finals this year are from George Brown College of Canada, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology of Australia, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Indonesia and Caleb Dognin University of Glasgow, UK.

CIOBNB team is guided by Mao Chao, a professor from Chongqing university's school of management science and real estate, and with the members of Peng zhengmin (majored in construction management, 3rd year), Liu runlin (majored in real estate development and management, 3rd year), Zhang Xinyue (majored in construction management, 3rd year), and Lin Chen (majored in project costs, 2nd year). This is the fifth consecutive year that Chongqing university's school of management science and real estate has reached the finals, which fully demonstrates our students' solid professional knowledge and broad international vision.

As the only team from mainland China among the top six, it was originally planned to be invited to Sydney, Australia from June 22 to 26, 2020 to participate in the CIOB 2020 Global Annual Meeting and the final of GSC Global Student Challenge. Due to the influence of novel coronavirus, the organizers decided to hold the competition finals remotely online after careful consideration.

The 2020 GSC Global Final was officially launched online at 13: 00 UTC on June 15th, with six rounds of competitions. The first round has four days to prepare for decision-making, the second round has three days to prepare, and the next four rounds have only one day to prepare. The difficulty increases gradually. Since the third round, the competition rules have also changed greatly, and the team needs to be familiar with the changes and adjust strategies in a short time, which greatly tests the team's coordination ability, adaptability, analytical ability and professional ability.

After six rounds of competition, the DGC Toronto team from George Brown College in Canada won the championship with a score of 2113, the Sang Nenggala team from Indonesian University won the second prize with a score of 2057, and the CIOBNB team of Chongqing University won the third prize with a score of 1958.

CIOBNB team members believe that this competition has both gains and regrets. Through this competition, the team members harvest a deeper understanding of the operation and management of the entire construction company, and also deepened their understanding of the engineering industry. As students they will now have a greater sense of what it is like to work in a construction company making high-level decisions. The only regret is that they can't go to Sydney for the live finals and get higher scores. While life is an exploration of an unknown journey, every attempt is a practice of past experience and a guide to the future. If every attempt is supported by a strong backing, there is nothing to be afraid of in the future. CIOB center of Chongqing university is the strong backing of CIOBNB team. CIOBNB team has passed all the way, and the center's support and help are indispensable to stand out from more than 50 teams in the world and finally achieve the third place in the final.

In the CIOB Center of Chongqing University, students have gained friendship and exercised their abilities, and the center has fostered many outstanding alumni who have become the backbone of the industry. In the future, the Center will provide more opportunities for Chongqing University students to display their talents, so that they can find excellent themselves here together!